Thanksgiving Recipes

Instead of brown and mushy, our best Thanksgiving recipes are vibrant and healthy, full of both flavor and nutrients! Many of our vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving recipes are so delicious you won’t even notice they’re healthy. These easy Thanksgiving recipes are customizable and work any time of year. 

This cozy pumpkin gnocchi bake is a fan favorite!

This stuffed acorn squash makes the kitchens smell like Thanksgiving

Want a healthy stuffing recipe? Try this classic homemade stuffing 


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Thanksgiving recipes: our philosophy

Thanksgiving is a major foodie holiday here in the US. But many traditional Thanksgiving menus result in brown, mushy foods. Both Alex and I grew up with these traditional Thanksgiving recipes, and while they’re nostalgia, they leave a bit to be desired in the flavor department. 

Once we started eating more vegetarian and vegan recipes in our everyday cooking, we wondered: what would a healthy and veggie-filled Thanksgiving look like? Could Thanksgiving recipes be easy, vegetarian or vegan, vibrant, and delicious?

Our best Thanksgiving recipes

So for the past 8 years, Alex and I have been creating vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving recipes that are beautiful, healthy, and tasty all at once! We take favorite Thanksgiving recipe concepts and put a healthy spin on them. For example, our Whole Grain Classic Homemade Stuffing recipe uses whole grain artisan bread and olive oil to achieve those delicious savory stuffing flavors. And our Healthy Homemade Pumpkin Mousse is a vegan Thanksgiving recipe that’s light and flavorful. 

Whether you eat a special diet or not, these are our best Thanksgiving recipes that feature beautiful seasonal produce in creative and delicious ways. Whether it’s Spaghetti Squash Mac and Cheese or Pomegranate Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad or Pumpkin Parfaits or Holiday Punch Iced Tea, your Thanksgiving table will please everyone.