A Couple Cooks cookbook
is here.

Available October 2024 everywhere books are sold.

This book has a collection of our best recipes of all time for all occasions, from everyday dinners to breakfasts to big dinner parties and baking projects to cocktails.

It’s all bound up into the most beautiful volume (by Chronicle Books — it even has shiny gold on the cover!). We are so proud to say this is our best work ever.

Most recipes are 4 to 8 servings, and can all be made by one cook. Each page contains optional symbols to follow if you’re cooking together!

Consider giving the gift of recipes with this book, or grab one for yourself! Download this You’ve Been Gifted printable to wrap as the present: books will arrive in October.

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Testimonials & sneak peaks

All photography is by our friend and colleague, the very talented Shelly Westerhausen Worcel!

“I am so excited to see this book become a regular go-to in our house! Sonja and Alex’s recipes strike such a wonderful, delicious balance of being crave-able and feel good, and exciting without being fussy (definitely doable on a weeknight!). Their guide for cooking together is so intuitive and easy to follow, I am an instant fan.”

Molly Yeh, New York Times bestselling author and Food Network host of Girl Meets Farm

“I love A Couple Cooks’ recipes, and they have become staples in my kitchen.
Whether it’s for a dinner party, or just making myself breakfast in the morning,
their food is always delicious. I’m so excited about these new dishes in the book, because eating Sonja and Alex’s tasty, healthy food makes life better.”

Heather Graham, actress and filmmaker

“A Couple Cooks is a beautiful book celebrating the joys of cooking together in the kitchen. From the delicious approachable recipes to the breakdown of who does what, this book is a must for every couple!”

Tiffani Thiessen, actress and cookbook author of Pull Up A Chair and Here We Go Again

“Sonja and Alex transform cooking from a mundane necessity into a series of joyful celebrations of togetherness in the kitchen. The recipes are equal parts imaginative and practical, helping you get dinner on the table while enjoying the process. Curated with love, this book proves that life is tastier together!”

Erin Clarke, author of the best-selling Well Plated Cookbook and Well Plated Every Day

Gift Download

Pre-order A Couple Cooks’ cookbook this summer and give the perfect gift to any duo in your life! As a special bonus, download this “You’ve Been Gifted” printable to wrap your present. Share the joy of cooking together and give a gift that will strengthen relationships, one delicious meal at a time.

Book Description

Sonja and Alex Overhiser of the popular food blog A Couple Cooks share their lifehacks for a strong partnership. Their top secret? Cooking together.

Whether it’s a weeknight dinner with the kids or a homespun candlelit date night, somebody has to get dinner on the table. And what if doing that nightly task was something you could do in tandem with someone you feel close to, making the work more pleasurable and spending quality time together? Enter A Couple Cooks, your guide to making this dream a reality. 

With over 100 recipes for all occasions, from everyday dinners and large gatherings to intimate dinners for two, this book is designed to make dinner planning and prep a stress-free and enjoyable experience. With designated roles for each partner, each recipe is crafted to be made lovingly by two:

  • Having friends over for a weekend dinner? Have your sous chef put out a Charred Corn Guac and Black Bean Hummus Snacking Platter while you’re prepping the Smoky Spinach and Artichoke Lasagna.
  • Craving a sweet pick-me-up at the end of a long week? Prep the dry ingredients while your partner preps the wet ingredients, and chow down on hard-earned Brown Butter Miso Chocolate Chip Cookies together. 

Brimming with vibrant photography by Shelly Westerhausen WorcelA Couple Cooks includes tips and tricks for hosting, upping the romance in the home, table setting and styling, and enhancing your home bar cart. Much more than your average weeknight cookbook, this is an inspiring and hardworking guide on how to make the most of the quotidian moments that make up our days by relishing time spent together, working as a team.

COOKING GIFT FOR TWO: From weddings and engagements to hostess gifts and more, A Couple Cooks fits the bill for a variety of life events with a gifting moment. Pair with a bottle of wine or fun aprons and you have the perfect housewarming present for any couple! 

INCLUSIVE MEAL PREP COOKBOOK: Couples cookbooks have long been overdue for a refresh that includes all types of couples. Whether newlyweds, freshly engaged, together-for-a-century couples, cohabitators, or platonic life partners, A Couple Cooks is designed for all sorts of pairs looking to harmoniously divvy up jobs in the kitchen.

EXPERT HUSBAND & WIFE TEAM: Sonja and Alex collaborate as cookbook authors, recipe developers, cocktail experts, and parents. Their award-winning food blog, A Couple Cooks, inspired by their shift from processed foods to cooking at home from scratch, offers thousands of original recipes, cooking tips, and meal-planning ideas to make home cooking easy. This beautiful, giftable book brings together more than 100 of their star recipes with the warm and wise guidance that has made their blog one of America’s most popular recipe websites.

Perfect for:

  • Partnerships of all kinds (including marriages, life partnerships, long-term or new coupledom, and roommates)
  • Parents with busy schedules looking to get dinner on the table in a snap
  • Couple gift for newlyweds or the recently engaged 
  • Fans of healthy, vegetable-forward cooking
  • Followers of A Couple Cooks blog or such popular cookbook authors as Joanna Gaines, Erin French, and Erin Clarke

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