17 Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas for Everyone

These gluten free breakfast ideas are made with whole food, nutrient dense ingredients, and they’ll please everyone at the table!

Try our homemade acai bowls

Here’s the thing about gluten free breakfast ideas: they’re delicious and filling no matter your diet! Whether you eat a fully gluten free diet or just like to keep your gluten level to a minimum, these breakfast ideas are perfect for mornings. And we promise: everyone at the table will love them! In fact, most people probably won’t even notice that they’re gluten free.

Our philosophy for gluten free breakfast ideas is to keep them naturally gluten free. That means we steer away from gluten free flour blends, since they can sometimes have mysterious additives and preservatives. Instead, we opt towards nutrient dense whole foods, like almond flour and oats. Ready to get eating?

Our top gluten free breakfast ideas:

Are you a pancake lover? Alex and I are, except for the feeling afterwards. Eating a normal pancake of flour and sugar makes my stomach hurt, and I get a major sugar crash. Then, I’m hungry about an hour later! So Alex and I love creating pancakes that not only taste good, but are full of nutrient-dense whole foods.

These banana oatmeal pancakes are just that: made mainly of oats and bananas (no flour!) and naturally sweet with maple syrup. Prep is also very easy: they’re made in a blender! These are one of our top gluten free breakfast ideas, for lazy mornings when time allows.

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Do you love acai bowls? That creamy, frosty purple smoothie is inexplicably delicious. And with a colorful confetti of toppings, it’s different in every bite. Acai bowls are becoming quite popular in the US, after originating in Brazil. They’re perfect as gluten free breakfast ideas or snacks: but for us, they’re every bit as satisfying as a decadent dessert too!

Said one reader: “Made your acai bowl recipe for breakfast today and OH MY! I’ve never had one that I’ve enjoyed as much as this. This was so perfectly balanced, and my husband loved it too!”

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These fluffy gluten free waffles are magic. They are all things a waffle should be: lightly sweet, tender and fluffy on the inside, and crispy on the outside. But instead of refined flour and sugar, these waffles have a simple, whole food base: almond flour and eggs. Magic, right?

Almond flour is typically very dense: however, the magic here is whipping egg whites into a frothy foam that’s folded into the batter. What results is a lightly fluffy dream, not what you would expect of almond flour at all!

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Many store-bought granolas and homemade granola recipes are full of sugar and oil, and very high calorie. But! This healthy granola recipe came about because we wanted to feed our son Larson something that was actually healthy. It ended up being healthier than most granolas, and easy to make too.

And it’s so delicious: perfectly crunchy, warmly spiced, and just the right amount of sweetness. Serve it over yogurt or with almond milk for a delicious gluten free breakfast idea.

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It’s hard to find a good gluten free banana muffins recipe. But consider this your new go to! These muffins have been made by many readers and followers who cannot believe how light and fluffy they are. This muffins recipe came about from a challenge that Alex and I gave ourselves to make a healthy muffin we wouldn’t feel bad feeding our 2 year old Larson.

We think that these healthy banana muffins hit the mark– and we hope you agree!  Slather them with peanut butter or almond butter for a fantastic gluten free breakfast idea.

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Alex and I are normally low maintenance breakfast people (read: peanut butter toast). But every now and then we’re up for a special weekend breakfast. And, we’re always looking for new and delicious ideas for breakfasts–especially gluten free breakfast ideas since we like to stretch ourselves to think outside of flour and sugar.

These sweet potato has browns are so, so simple and so delicious. They’re our new favorite way to cook sweet potatoes because you don’t even have to have good knife skills! And they’re almost totally hands off.

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Because sugar-loaded muffins make us feel horrible afterwards, Alex and I created our Gluten Free Banana Muffins (see above), lightly sweet and made with oats and maple syrup in a blender. Well, we did it again! This time, we got our hands on banana bread.

Because banana bread is just an excuse to eat cake, right? Typically it’s full of oil, refined flour, and refined sugar. We’re not out to vilify these ingredients: we literally just don’t want the sugar high and crash after we eat it! SO: we’ve created this easy healthy banana bread, made of 100% whole grain oats (no flour) and lightly sweetened with maple syrup. And it actually tastes good.

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These cornbread waffles are naturally gluten free, but even better: they’re made with wholesome whole food ingredients so you don’t get a big sugar high after eating them! Instead of refined flour, they’re made with cornmeal and oats, which keep you full longer. And they’re sweetened lightly with maple syrup, making them have no refined sugar either. It truly makes you feel better after eating them than you would with the standard waffle! That’s a win, in our book.

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Some of our very favorite gluten free breakfast ideas include–you guessed it–oatmeal! This homemade instant oatmeal recipe is so simple we wish we would have thought of it ages ago. Instead of standing over the stove in the morning, this instant oatmeal can be made in just 2 minutes in the microwave. Simple as that! And it’s cheaper, healthier and tastier than store bought.

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This naturally gluten free carrot cake baked steel cut oatmeal is cozy and comforting, flecked with orange carrots and flavored with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It’s perfect for special gatherings: while it takes about 1 hour start to finish, the flavor is absolutely worth it and most of that time is hands off. Leftovers save well and make for a healthy breakfast recipe that lasts throughout the week!

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In very few of our recipes do we use gluten free flour. Instead, we try to make naturally gluten free recipes using whole food ingredients like oat flour and almond flour. Using this philosophy does make it difficult in baked goods to come up with a suitable texture. Gluten does go a long way in bringing in a fluffy, beautiful muffin texture. For these muffins we’ve used oat flour and rolled oats as the base for the muffin, but added a few tricks so they turn out moist and beautifully fluffy.

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The frittata is one of our favorites for gluten free breakfast ideas or brunch entrees — but you can even serve them as a simple dinner! This roasted tomato and asparagus frittata is lovely for entertaining. While you’d imagine cooking the asparagus and using the tomatoes raw, we’ve flip-flopped it! To capitalize on the fresh spring flavor of asparagus, we’ve shaved it into long ribbons. Not only is the flavor lighter than cooked asparagus, the ribbons look lovely and bright green as they decorate the asparagus frittata.

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I’m generally suspicious of recipes with superlatives like “the best oatmeal.” But after a few minutes of toasting these oats, you’ll find the smell that fills your kitchen is so nutty and sweet you’ll agree before even tasting this oatmeal! The oats are chewy (instead of the creamy texture of the stirred method) and deliciously nutty from toasting. Our favorite toppings: all natural peanut butter and strawberry jam. They'll keep you full all day long!

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This recipe for fluffy scrambled eggs is pretty incredible, ultra simple, and of course a naturally gluten free breakfast idea. We used my mom’s method for the best scrambled eggs, cooking the eggs over low heat and gently shaping them into soft folds. And for an elevated, tangy flair, we’ve added goat cheese for flavor. What results is a creamy, gooey, addicting mess.

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This spiced cherry oatmeal takes only 10 minutes of hands on time, and it saves for breakfasts for the rest of the week. Though we don’t often make breakfast recipes, we’ve found time to fit it in: by making it on the weekend, or on a weeknight to save for the next few days. To me, having a tasty, wholesome and naturally gluten free breakfast in the refrigerator is worth it. Reader Lauren sent us a message: “The baked cherry oatmeal was a major hit in our house! My 3 year old ate it up 2 mornings in a row (my 9 month old also enjoyed it!) It’s so nice to have hands-off breakfasts that come together quickly and taste delicious.”

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One of our favorite gluten free breakfast ideas and an alternative to granola is muesli! In contrast to granola, which is covered in sugar and oil and baked, homemade muesli uses raw oats and nuts. Our version here is a toasted muesli: it toasts the oats and nuts very lightly for a little texture, but without oil, which keeps them raw. How to eat muesli? Our favorite way is with milk, just like a normal cereal: use your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk. You can also sprinkle it over yogurt like a granola.

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And last up in our gluten free breakfast ideas: one more pancakes recipe! Just like our pancakes above, these are gluten free oatmeal pancakes using oat flour, which makes them hearty and filling. At the same time, they’re also light and fluffy! The tangy lemon poppy seed flavor is perfect to enjoy with a cup of coffee….or three!

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