Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Soups are one of the simplest ways to eat healthy. Why? They’re vibrant, delicious, and an easy way to eat a whole lot of vegetables at once. Here are some of our favorite vegan and vegetarian soup recipes. Add a salad and bread, and it’s a meal!

Try our classic chili, or go bold with mango black bean chili 

Simple, delicious Italian veggie & gnocchi soup

A cozy family favorite, tomato artichoke lentil stew


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What’s easier than soup for dinner? For years, it’s been a go to for us when we’re not quite sure what to eat. And when we first started cooking together, it was a lifesaver. Often, we were short on ideas when it came to mealtimes.

But soup? Soup gave us a simple framework to start building easy dinners and cozy lunches. Soup recipes are easy to customize for many types of diets (vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free). And even better: vegetarian soups are perfect for eating a wide variety of colorful vegetables in a delicious way. 

Many of our favorite vegetarian soup recipes bring a vibe that helps to dictate the rest of the meal. Our Italian veggie & gnocchi soup or Tuscan bean soup are perfect with crusty bread and a green salad. Our classic chili or mango chili are begging for corn muffins and a squeeze of lime. And our tomato artichoke soup is all about accessorizing with grilled cheese.