Everyday Healthy Dinner Ideas

Healthy Dinner Ideas

At A Couple Cooks, our passion is creating artfully simple, delicious healthy dinner ideas for your everyday table. Most of our dinner recipes are vegetarian or vegan recipes made with accessible, real food ingredients. We believe meals can be creative and beautiful, yet at the same time simple enough to actually get on your table.

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A Few Favorite Healthy Dinner Ideas

Most of our healthy ideas feature vegetables and real food ingredients at the center of the plate. Here are a few of our most popular concepts for healthy dinner ideas: 

  • Tacos are always a hit! To keep them healthy, we fill them with vegetables and veggie-based proteins like lentils and beans. 
  • Healthy soups like simple vegetarian ramen make for a healthy dinner ideas.
  • Stuffed peppers, squash or sweet potatoes are a colorful and delicious healthy dinner idea.
  • Simple pastas with lots of veggies help to get a healthy dinner on the table in a flash. 
  • Curries and stews like our mesir wat are hearty dinner ideas, full of vegetable protein and big flavor.

Seasonal Healthy Dinner Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite cozy healthy dinner recipes for fall and winter!

One of our fan favorite healthy dinner ideas for fall is this Vegan Pot Pie with Savory Sage Crust. Says reader Elle: “Wow! This is a seriously amazing pot pie. I’ve had a couple of vegan pot pies before, but this is my favorite! I love the flavor of the sauce, especially the smoked paprika. And the crust: so flaky and wonderful. I think that even my meat-lover family might enjoy it! Two enthusiastic thumbs up.”


Food For Thought

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Healthy dinner ideas from a couple who loves to cook

As a newly married couple, we knew nothing about how to cook healthy dinner recipes. Absolutely nothing. Back then, we subsisted on frozen meals and fast food. But in our first year of marriage, we decided we wanted to learn to cook together.

After over 11 years, we’re still cooking together! Over time, we learned the word healthy was not a bad word. Healthy didn’t mean tasteless. In fact, most of the healthy dinner ideas we cooked together tasted way better than the processed ones we were used to!

We started the A Couple Cooks website to share the healthy dinner ideas we were cooking up in our kitchen. Inspired by Michael Pollan’s mantra Eat food, not too much, mostly plants, we started cooking many vegetarian and vegan recipes. We found eating more vegetables could be creative and tasty at the same time.

A cookbook full of healthy dinner ideas

Since our passion is healthy dinner ideas, we decided to write a book full of them too! Pretty Simple Cooking is full of our favorite delicious and healthy dinner ideas. Our book was named one of the “best vegetarian cookbooks” by Epicurious and reviewed by everywhere from the Washington Post to Bon Appetit. If you’re looking for a beautiful book with artfully crafted healthy dinner ideas that move vegetables to the center of the plate, this book is for you! 

More on the book: Pretty Simple Cooking

What does healthy mean?

There are many definitions of healthy when it comes to eating. Here’s what healthy means to us: 

  • Veggie packed: Our healthy dinner ideas are full of colorful vegetables. Most of our recipes are vegetarian and vegan, with the occasional seafood recipe. 
  • Olive oil and healthy fats: We typically cook with olive oil, and use healthy fats in our cooking. Overall, our style is fresh and Mediterranean.
  • Real food: Processed foods are out! We use as many whole foods as possible in our cooking: meaning food as close to the source as possible with a short ingredients list.