Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipes

Vegan recipes can be some of the most creative, colorful, and delicious recipes of all. While we don’t eat 100% vegan (plant based), vegan dinners and vegan breakfast recipes show up on our table often. Here are some of our favorite vegan recipes.

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How do you feel about the word vegan? The meaning of this word has evolved over the years. Once an extremely niche way to eat, vegan recipes are becoming mainstream. 

Our personal diet philosophy is simple: to eat as many vegetables as possible. Inspired by Michael Pollan’s mantra, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants“, we began eating vegetarian recipes regularly. And lately, we’ve started eating more vegan recipes: they’re just as delicious and we have a lot of reader requests for vegan recipes. Personally, we do not eat 100% vegetarian or vegan. Our diet is “flexitarian”, so we eat organic meat or sustainable seafood occasionally. But in our everyday, most of the time we cook and eat vegetarian and vegan recipes. 

 The term plant based has become popular recently, and there are some conflicting definitions. Some people use the term plant based as a synonym for vegan. Other people say plant based means eating recipes that have “mostly plants”, but might include limited amounts of dairy. The way we use the term plant based on this website is as a synonym for vegan

So what is the definition of vegan? Vegan recipes are recipes that contain no animal products. This means no eggs or dairy, but it also goes so far as to not use animal derived products like honey and gelatin. Per our definition above, we use the term plant based to describe these recipes as well. 

Why do we like to create vegan recipes? With vegetarian recipes, it can become easy to lean on things like eggs and cheese as a crutch for adding protein and making recipes filling. Eating vegan recipes challenges us to rely on other protein sources like beans, nuts, and seeds. And most of all, eating vegan is darn delicious. Some of our favorite recipes on this website are vegan recipes: for starters, our popular no bake Bliss Bites, Thai style sweet potatoes, cauliflower coconut curry, and raw falafel Buddha bowls

Because of our interest in vegan recipes, we’ve made sure to also include them in our cookbook, Pretty Simple Cooking, released in February 2018. The entire cookbook is vegetarian, but 75% of the recipes are vegan or have tested vegan substitutes. So whether you’re interested in eating a few vegan recipes or have an entirely vegan lifestyle, we’ve got you covered!