Must-Try Frozen Alcoholic Drinks

Warm weather is all about frozen cocktails! Here are our best frozen alcoholic drinks with something for everyone, from frozen margaritas to daiquiris.

Frozen alcoholic drinks

Once the weather gets warm, what’s more fun than whizzing up some frozen alcoholic drinks? Alex and I have been making a bunch of frozen cocktail recipes for various gatherings this summer. And it’s been so much fun that we’re sharing all the recipes with you!

Something about frozen drinks makes any occasion more celebratory and carefree. We’ve had our neighbors over for dinner on the patio with frozen margaritas, and watched our toddler Larson splash in his kiddie pool as we sipped frozen sangria. We shared strawberry daiquiris with Alex’s sister as a treat after epic cousins sleepover.

We hope these frozen alcoholic drinks recipes will inspire you to make memories of your own (and drink responsibly, of course!). They’d be perfect drink recipes for 4th of July, bachelorette parties, girls weekends, pool parties, and weekends at the cabin. Are you ready?

A few tips for frozen alcoholic drinks

Before we start, here are a few tips for making these frozen alcoholic drinks:

  • Think ahead! To get the frozen texture perfectly icy in many of these frozen alcoholic drinks, you’ll have to think ahead. Several of the recipes below require freezing things the night before: sometimes the entire drink mix, sometimes just a component of it. Below, we’ve noted with a “Tip” when you need freeze things in advance.
  • Use best quality alcohol. It might go without saying, but the better the alcohol, the better the drink! Our frozen margaritas taste good with an average tequila, but they taste great with a high quality tequila. If you’re wondering whether to spend a few more dollars in the alcohol department, we’d recommend it.

Must-Try Frozen Alcoholic Drinks

Ever had frozen sangria? Frozen sangria is a variation on sangria that’s frozen, like a slushie. This frozen alcoholic drink is sure to be a favorite: it’s wine-forward and just sweet enough, with a hint of citrus. While the method for making it is not traditional Spanish at all, it ends up tasting like sangria and is incredibly festive, perfect for entertaining! Like our frozen margarita, this addition to our summer entertaining repertoire is here to stay. Tip: You'll have to freeze the oranges the night before serving, so think ahead!

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First up in our frozen alcoholic drinks, Frozen Margaritas! Ready for your new favorite drink? The margarita is our favorite; we're suckers for tangy drinks. Who can turn down a frozen margarita? This is our new summer entertaining trick: it's seriously tangy, a little bit sweet, and tastes just like a margarita. And for a festive touch: try our Best Margarita Salt! It’s simply kosher salt, lime, and orange zest, but it looks seriously fun on the rim of the glass. Tip: You'll have to freeze it the night before serving, so think ahead!

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Homemade piña coladas are the perfect frozen alcoholic drinks for entertaining! They take only a few minutes to blend up and only require 5 ingredients: frozen pineapple, lime juice, coconut milk, rum, and maple syrup. And the flavor? So refreshing. They’re not only for the 1990’s or beach resorts, we promise! Just think: a patio party menu with shrimp tacos and Mexican grilled corn — piña coladas are the absolute perfect signature drink for the fun!

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Next in our frozen alcoholic drinks, a classic: frozen rose! Or frosé, if you're trendy. If you haven’t tried it yet, frosé is a mashup between a frozen cocktail and that quintessential summer wine. Now, most froze recipes are sickly sweet. And some people complain that freezing rose removes the character of the wine. So Alex and I set about to create a frose recipe that was not too sweet AND tastes like rose. And man, was this experiment successful! This recipe is now a fan favorite and is made and loved by people all over the country and world. Tip: You'll need to freeze the slushie mix at least 6 hours or overnight.

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Ever tried to make a strawberry daiquiri at home? Alex and I are on a kick of frozen alcoholic drinks this summer, and this homemade strawberry daiquiri recipe is one of our very favorites. It tastes approximately 100 times better than the strawberry daiquiri mix from the store! And it has a fun second lime daiquiri layer to the top, which makes it look even more festive. Basically: this is the best strawberry daiquiri recipe and you need to add it to your life: stat.

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Frozen daiquiris have the perfect warm-weather vibe, and they make anything more fun! Dinner on the patio or girls night are all more enjoyable with one of these frozen alcoholic drinks in hand, right? The flavor of this lime daiquiri is SO tangy and refreshing that it really might be our new favorite; the rum adds a subtle fruitiness that’s irresistible. And it takes just minutes to make.

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This lemonade slushie, or lemon slush recipe, is a tangy, refreshing way to drink lemonade -- spiked with a bit of gin! It's got a bit of aromatic mint and is naturally sweet: the honey sweetens the lemon just enough, and the mint adds just the right amount of complexity. The lemonade flavor is oh so nostalgic, and it's the perfect alcoholic drink for sipping on the patio. Tip: You'll need to freeze the slushie mix at least 6 hours or overnight.

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Looking for more easy cocktail recipes?

Of course, there are so many cocktails outside of frozen alcoholic drinks! Here are a few of our favorite cocktail recipes:

Frozen alcoholic drinks
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