Mango Margarita

Here’s the best mango margarita! This sunny spin on the classic drink is so refreshing, icy with a tangy sweet mango essence.

Mango margarita

Every time we make a new margarita variation, I declare it my new favorite. Such is true with this Mango Margarita! Really, could there be a more refreshing cocktail? This sunny spin on the classic is icy and creamy, with an underlying mango essence. It’s sweet, it’s zingy, and against the bite of the salt: it goes down pretty easy. (Watch out!) Here’s how to do it: and you don’t even need to cut a mango.

What’s in a mango margarita?

The margarita is a classic alcoholic drink on the list of International Bartender Association’s IBA official cocktails. This means that there’s an “official” definition of the ingredients in a margarita: lime juice, Cointreau, and tequila. That’s exactly what’s in our Classic Margarita. But if you want to make a mango margarita: it’s a little different method. The mango margarita is a blender drink, which makes a creamy frozen margarita. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Tequila (use blanco or reposado)
  • Cointreau
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Frozen mango
  • Agave syrup or simple syrup
  • Ice
Mango and lime

Frozen mango vs fresh mango

The advantage to using frozen mango in a mango margarita is: it shortcuts chopping the mango! It takes a little time to cut a mango, so it’s more convenient to grab a bag of frozen diced chunks. Got a fresh mango on hand and want to use it? No problem! You can substitute it for the frozen mango here. It has the same result, it’s just not as frothy and ice cold.

Need help chopping it? Here’s how to cut a mango. And if you’ve got leftovers, try our Mango Salsa or Mango Skewers.

How to make a mango margarita

How to make a mango margarita

Because the mango margarita is a blended margarita, like our frozen margarita. So you don’t shake the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker like you would most of our margarita recipes. Instead, all you do is throw it all in a blender! Here’s what to do (or go to the full recipe below):

  1. Rim the glass with salt. A salted rim is a must here! Why? The salt enhances the sweet and sour flavors in the drink! More on that, below.
  2. Blend! Throw all the ingredients in a blender and blend until it’s full combined and creamy.

The best tequila for margaritas?

The best tip for this mango margarita: buy a good tequila! A cocktail is only as good as the alcohol you use. Look for a mid-price range tequila (or a high end one, if your budget allows). The price is typically an indicator of quality.

For many of our other margarita recipes, we suggest using tequila reposado or aged tequila because it adds a nice nuance of flavor. Because this one is a frozen margarita, we went straightforward and made it with a tequila blanco, which is not aged. You can use either: whatever suits your tastes!

Mango margarita

For the sweetener

This mango margarita needs just a little sweetener to be perfectly balanced (contrary to our Classic Margarita, which has no added sugar). Here are a few of our favorite options and why we’d like to use them:

  • Agave syrup Agave is often used as a sweetener with margaritas because it’s used to make tequila! It’s easy to find these days at most grocery stores.
  • Simple syrup This is the classic cocktail sweetener; you can make your own at home!
  • Maple syrup Alex and I love using maple syrup to sweeten cocktails: it gives a nuanced sweetness. (See our Whiskey Sour and Gin Fizz).
  • Honey If all you have is honey, this works too!

More margarita variations

Do you love getting creative with margaritas? (If you’re here, we think so.) Here are a few more margarita variations you might enjoy:

How to make a mango margarita

When to serve a mango margarita

The mango margarita is perfect for anytime you’d serve a regular margarita! It’s a fun variation that’s great as a:

  • Summer drink
  • Happy hour drink
  • Dinner party drink
  • Cinco de Mayo drink
  • Late night drinks drink
  • Guys or girls night drink
  • Cocktail hour drink
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Favorite Mango Margarita

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  • Author: Sonja Overhiser
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2 drinks 1x
  • Diet: Vegan


Here’s the best mango margarita! This sunny spin on the classic drink is so refreshing, icy with a tangy sweet mango essence. 



  • 6 tablespoons (3 ounces) tequila
  • 4 tablespoons (2 ounces) Cointreau
  • 3 tablespoons (1 1/2 ounces) fresh lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon (1/2 ounce) fresh lemon juice
  • 1 cup frozen mango pieces (or fresh, if desired)
  • 1 tablespoon agave syrup or simple syrup
  • 1 cup ice
  • Kosher salt or flaky sea salt, for the rim
  • For the garnish: Lime wedge


  1. Cut a notch in a lime wedge, then run the lime around the rim of a glass. Dip the edge of the rim into a plate of salt (or for a festive look, use our Margarita Salt).
  2. Blend until frothy and fully combined. Salted rim two glasses.

  • Category: Drink
  • Method: Blended
  • Cuisine: Cocktails

Keywords: Mango Margarita, Mango Cocktail, Mango Drink

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