10 Fresh Spring Vegetarian Recipes

What’s fresh for spring? Think asparagus, peas, greens, radishes, strawberries, and rhubarb! Here are the top spring vegetarian recipes to make this season.

Spring vegetarian recipes

Spring is here, and we’ve been looking through our archives for recipes that work for spring gatherings, including Mother’s Day recipes. What’s fresh in the spring? Think asparagus, peas, leafy greens (kale, spinach, chard), radishes, strawberries, and rhubarb.

Now that the season is here, here 10 spring vegetarian recipes that we love featuring the best of the season’s produce! Let us know if you give any a try in the comments below.

And now…our top spring vegetarian recipes!

First up in our spring vegetarian recipes: strawberry rhubarb crisp! This crisp is tangy sweet, with just a tinge of healthy. Most of all, it tastes really, really good. The crisp topping is oats and oat flour. And there’s no refined sugar: it’s all maple syrup! Some strawberry rhubarb crisp recipes call for boat-loads of sugar: for this one, we’ve used just enough. It results in a sweet tart crisp that’s seriously nostalgic.

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This healthy take on the egg salad sandwich is the perfect spring vegetarian recipe! Using Greek yogurt is a light alternative to mayonnaise, and adding sliced radishes brings in a crisp, peppery crunch. Here it's layered on bread with micro greens to make a gooey, satisfyingly messy egg salad sandwich. It’s a fresh way to enjoy spring ingredients.

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This recipe for fluffy scrambled eggs is pretty incredible and ultra simple. The eggs are cooked over low heat and gently shaping them into soft folds. And for an elevated, tangy element: creamy goat cheese pockets. What results is a creamy, gooey mess. Serve with lemony sauteed asparagus for a fresh spring vegetarian recipe!

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Did you know you can make strawberry jam in just 15 minutes? And it’s not just any old jam. It’s the most delicious strawberry jam you’ve ever tasted. You’ll want to spread this sweet-tart glistening red jelly on just about everything: toast, bagels, oatmeal, waffles, pancakes. Or just eat it off a spoon: we won’t judge!

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Pasta carbonara is an Italian invention (Roman to be exact): it’s a savory pasta recipe made using long pasta noodles, egg, Pecorino or Parmesan cheese, and bacon. The raw egg is mixed into the warm pasta and used to make a creamy, delicious yellow sauce. Here it is made into a spring vegetarian recipe! It features gooey smoked gouda cheese, spring peas and spinach.

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The refreshing bite of radishes is perfect against pungent blue cheese. Here they're combined into a delicious spring chopped salad recipe that’s a must try! The blue cheese is the star: it’s used as a topping on the salad and is also the star of this insanely good homemade blue cheese dressing.

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In Italian, orecchiette means “small ears”; it’s a small cup-shaped pasta. Here it's featured in a fantastic spring vegetarian recipe: a lemon asparagus pasta with feta cheese and olive oil! A few flavors elegantly combined can taste better than something that has taken all day to prepare. This orecchiette recipe takes just 7 ingredients and about 20 minutes to make. It’s so quick and simple it works for a weeknight meatless dinner, but it’s also special enough to serve for guests..

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 This strawberry cornbread cake is terrifically tasty as either a breakfast or brunch recipe. Even better, top it with whipped cream as a dessert! Sweetened with maple and naturally gluten-free, it’s moist and hearty. The cake is made of cornmeal, oat flour and almond meal, with fresh orange juice to give it a zing.

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Here's another fresh vegetarian spring pasta recipe! Ready in less than 30 minutes, this farfalle pasta with peas and feta is the ultimate easy weeknight dinner. It's tossed with a tangy olive oil and vinegar dressing, then garnished with the herby punch of fresh dill.

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And last up in our spring vegetarian recipes: spinach quiche! Throwing handfuls of leafy greens into quiches a great way to eat up those spring leafy greens. This spinach quiche features a naturally-gluten free almond crust that’s packed with flavor. This recipe gets rave reviews from everyone who’s tried it out: it’s perfect for a springy brunch or cozy dinner.

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More spring recipes

If you need more inspiration, here are a few more tasty springtime recipes you might enjoy:

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    Alexis deZayas
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    Love the combos of eggs and asparagus! I need to try that!

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    Sonya Doncheva
    May 18, 2017 at 11:42 am

    I’ve made soft scrambled eggs with goat cheese and asparagus. The taste is great! Unfortunately, I can’t share a picture because mine doesn’t look as great as yours :)

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