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We get it: cooking plant based for kids can be a challenge! Here are a collection of vegan recipes for kids that are a hit every time.

Vegan recipes for kids

Cooking for kids can be a challenge: especially if you’re trying to infuse good-for-you ingredients! Since we’ve become parents, we’ve learned a lot about what it means to make kid-friendly meals. And it gives us a real life test case: our 2 year old son, Larson! If he loves it, we know that it would go over well with other kids, too.

When it comes to cooking plant based / vegan recipes, it can be difficult to find vegan recipes that are a hit with the young’uns too! Here we’ve collected all our favorite vegan recipes for kids that are a hit every time. And even better: they’ve been tested out on real life kids, too! So you know they’ll be a hit with your own.

Let’s get started!

Vegan recipes for kids
These Superfood Pecan Energy Bars are always a hit with kids

Here are our top vegan recipes for kids!

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Here are a few more vegan recipes for kids that we’d recommend!

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