20 Mother’s Day Recipes

These tasty Mother’s Day recipes are simple but packed with flavor, from lemon poppy seed pancakes to fluffy scrambled eggs!

Soft Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese and Asparagus

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we wanted to share a few of our favorite Mother’s Day recipes with you! We’ve included highlights in our brunch category: chewy, lemon poppy seed pancakes, soft, pillowy eggs with goat cheese, bright strawberry coconut smoothies, and so many more! If you’re a mom who’s up for Mexican, the loaded rancheros tacos are a hit in our household. Check out the links below for more Mother’s Day recipes.

On Mother’s Day

Before sharing these Mother’s Day recipes, a quick aside: we do know that Mother’s Day can be a tough day for many. It can be emotional remembering a dear mom or child who is no longer with us, or experiencing the heartache of yearning to be a mother. Know that our thoughts are with you! Many of you know Alex and my story and know that Mother’s Day has been a hard day in past years. However, it’s been getting easier each year: especially after finally becoming a mother with the birth of our son Larson. Our thoughts and hearts are with each of you in whatever situation you find yourself.

And — sending a huge We love you to our moms and grandmas! You are truly our biggest fans, and we are infinitely grateful for your support.

And now: our best Mother’s Day recipes!

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese

Fluffy scrambled eggs with goat cheese | Mother's Day recipes

First up in our Mother’s Day recipes: fancy scrambled eggs! These fluffy scrambled eggs with goat cheese come together in no time and goat cheese adds an elevated flair, perfect for a special breakfast or brunch!

Carrot Cake Baked Steel Cut Oatmeal

Carrot Cake Baked Steel Cut Oatmeal

This carrot cake baked oatmeal is perfect for Mother’s Day recipes: the flavor has a major spring-time vibe! It’s cozy and comforting: flecked with orange carrots, and flavored with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It takes over an hour to put together, so make sure to make it when you have plenty of time. The leftovers save well and make for a healthy breakfast recipe that lasts throughout the week! It’s also a nice make-ahead dish for a special brunch.

Lemon Poppy Seed Oat Pancakes

Lemon Poppy Seed Oat Pancakes | Mother's Day Recipes

Next up in our Mother’s Day recipes: lemon poppy seed pancakes! These are free oatmeal pancakes using oat flour, which makes them hearty and filling. But they’re also light and fluffy! The tangy lemon poppy seed flavor is perfect to enjoy with a cup of Chemex coffee.

Healthy Granola Recipe

Healthy granola recipe | Mother's Day recipes

One of our favorite make ahead Mother’s Day recipe is this healthy granola! And when we say healthy, we mean actually healthy! So many granola recipes are loaded with sugar, fat, and additives: this one is low calorie and still nutrient dense. It’s maple pecan flavor and is so tasty.

Vegetarian Spinach Quiche with Almond Crust

Vegetarian Spinach Quiche with Almond Crust | Mother's Day Recipes

This one is one of our showstopper Mother’s Day recipes! This vegetarian spinach quiche has a gluten free quiche crust made of olive oil and almond flour, and a hearty spinach and Gruyere cheese filling. It’s a total crowd pleaser and you can serve it either warm or room temperature.

Healthy Banana Bread Muffins

Banana bread muffins | Healthy banana muffins

These healthy banana bread muffins are a fan favorite and would be absolutely perfect in a brunch spread of Mother’s Day recipes. They’re lightly sweet and made mostly of oats and bananas! They’re blender muffins so they’re easy to make at home.

Best Fluffy Gluten Free Waffles

Best fluffy gluten free waffles | Mother's Day recipes

These gluten free waffles are magic: made with almond flour and eggs, they’re so fluffy your friends and family won’t believe they’re gluten-free! We don’t exclusively gluten free and we LOVE these. So they are perfect for a brunch spread of Mother’s Day recipes for any type of eater!

Homemade Acai Bowl

Homemade acai bowl

This stunning acai bowl would be a perfect centerpiece in a Mother’s Day brunch! What’s an acai bowl? If you’ve never had one, it’s a smoothie bowl with the smoothie made from acai berries. The bowl is loaded with toppings like fruit, granola, coconut and almond butter.

Tacos Rancheros

Loaded Huevos Rancheros Tacos | A Couple Cooks

This tacos rancheros recipe transforms the Mexican standard into egg tacos! A delicious huevos rancheros sauce covers the runny eggs, topped with queso fresco. It’s a perfect Mother’s Day recipe for moms who love Mexican inspired cuisine.

Coconut Strawberry Smoothie

Coconut strawberry smoothies | Mother's Day recipes

This delicious coconut strawberry smoothie is a tasty addition to any breakfast or Mother’s Day brunch: with coconut milk and dates, it’s vegan and has no refined sugar.

Baked Cardamom Cherry Oatmeal

Baked cardamom cherry oatmeal | Mother's Day recipes

This baked cardamom and cherry oatmeal is one of our top brunch recipes and a big crow pleaser! It’s delicious, simple to make, and naturally sweet, vegan, and gluten-free. The floral cardamom is the perfect compliment to the tart cherries.

Chai Waffles with Berry Compote

Chai Waffles with Berry Compote {Dairy-Free} | A Couple Cooks

These delicious chai waffles are made with almond milk and a bit of whole wheat flour, with some kick from the chai spices. Cardamom is the key here, so make sure to find some ground cardamom if you can! Topped with a berry compote, they’re incredibly tasty and perfect for a brunch spread of Mother’s Day recipes.

Bloody Mary Recipe

Detox Bloody Mary | Mother's Day recipes

This Bloody Mary recipe is actually made of healthy stuff: tomatoes, horseradish, garlic, lemon. Whip it up to go with your Mother’s Day recipes and drink it virgin or with alcohol. Spicy and perfectly seasoned, it’s full of vegetable goodness. Since it’s easy to mix up, it’s a great alternative to pre-made mix – and refreshingly delicious.

Chocolate Brownie Vegan Pancakes

Chocolate Brownie Vegan Pancakes | Mother's Day recipes

What’s better for chocolate loving mamas than chocolate brownie pancakes? These spelt vegan pancakes have a healthy spin, made with maple syrup and cocoa powder. They’re so chewy and fudgy that we settled on the name “chocolate brownie”: but they’re not nearly as sweet as a brownie, since who wants a sugar bomb for breakfast?

Dippy Eggs with Cheese-Fried Toast Soldiers

Dippy Eggs with Cheese-Fried Toast Soldiers

Here’s an idea for Mother’s Day recipes for breakfast in bed: these elegant dippy eggs and toast soldiers! Ready in 20 minutes, these dippy eggs with cheese-fried toast soldiers make for a quick and easy breakfast or brunch and require very little prep work.

Turmeric Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Turmeric Vegan Blueberry Muffins

These turmeric vegan blueberry muffins are flavorful and naturally sweet, made with coconut oil and maple syrup. They’re perfect Mother’s Day recipes for mamas who love treats with a healthy spin!

Banana Pancakes with Berries & Coconut Bacon

Banana Pancakes with Berries and Coconut Bacon | Mother's Day recipes

Why not top your pancakes with…bacon? File this one in Mother’s Day recipes for mamas who love salty + sweet combinations! These salty bacon bits are actually vegan, made with coconut and smoky seasonings: and they actually taste uncannily like bacon! Pair them with lightly sweet banana pancakes, berries and maple syrup and they’re a sweet and savory masterpiece that is truly satisfying.

Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins

Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins

These strawberry rhubarb muffins are a healthy muffin recipe, featuring sweet strawberries and tangy rhubarb in a naturally sweet whole grain muffin. They have the perfect springy vibe for a brunch table of Mother’s Day recipes.

Parmesan Herb Baked Eggs

Parmesan Herb Baked Eggs | Mother's Day recipes

These tender herby baked eggs are a delightful brunch recipe! It takes a just a bit of prep time to throw together in the morning, but mincing the shallot and herbs the night before it makes for an easy assembly. The key is removing from the oven when the egg whites are just set, but the yolk is still runny. Spread on some crunchy toast, it’s quite the treat!

Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie

Chocolate banana smoothie | Mother's Day recipes

And finally, to round out our Mother’s Day recipes: a chocolate smoothie for chocolate loving mamas! This blueberry smoothie is a healthy chocolate banana smoothie made with blueberries: it’s a naturally sweet way to curb sweets cravings!

Looking for more brunch recipes?

Here are a few more brunch recipes we love:

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