Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes

Salad Dressing Recipes

Why make homemade salad dressing recipes? They’re quick, easy, and eliminate the need for preservatives and additives. Even better: they’re darn delicious! Here are some of our favorite salad dressing recipes that are quick to whisk together and will make your salads shine.

A quick tutorial: how to make homemade salad dressing

A healthier take on Green Goddess salad dressing

All sorts of simple salad recipes!


Food For Thought

Sustainable Eating: How to (Actually) Do It

Look up thefeedfeed on Instagram and you’ll find thousands of mouthwatering food images and a rabid following of 750,000 foodie fans. Which made me curious — who’s the face behind this stream of culinary goodness? Two faces, actually: meet Julie and Dan Resnick, a New York-based couple with a passion for food and sustainable eating. I was thrilled to find they are active advocates for good, clean, and sustainable food. I caught up with Julie here for our latest Healthy & Whole series installment to talk about sustainable eating: what inspired her, how she does it on a day to day basis, and some of her favorite recipes. As I expected, her pursuit of sustainable eating spiraled when she started experiencing the vibrant taste of real food. Many thanks to Julie for taking the time to share her passion! Check out feedfeed on Instagram or the feedfeed website for more. Photo credits Dan Resnick, Lindsay Morris You and your husband Dan are creators of feedfeed, a platform to help curate recipes and connect people into a cooking community. What inspired you to start this project?   Since moving out of NYC to a small farming and fishing community on Eastern Long Island, Dan and I began been

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10 Baby Steps to Healthy Eating

One-Bowl Cranberry Orange Muffins (Real Food Whole Life) We’re back with another Healthy & Whole post, a series we started as a real, candid conversation on how to embrace home cooking and a sustainably healthy lifestyle. Today’s guest is Robyn Downs, author behind the blog Real Food Whole Life. Robyn is a recipe developer, photographer and truly kind soul devoted to spreading the word that healthy eating is simple and inspiring.  Her website and Instagram feed are exactly that, full of vibrant photos and encouraging words. We’ve been lucky enough to count Robyn as friend, brought together by our similar philosophies on healthy eating and living. Here, she shares some standout thoughts on baby steps to take towards healthy eating – we couldn’t have said it better! Many thanks to Robyn for these words and beautiful photos.  Though I write a blog about healthy eating and living, I haven’t always been a model of healthy choice making. In college I survived on lots of processed food and plenty of soda. Later when I got married, juggled a career and school, and gave birth to my daughter, I struggled to find balance between everyday life demands and the knowledge that I should be doing more to take care of myself.

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