Italian Recipes

Vegetarian and Vegan Italian Recipes

Looking for easy vegan and vegetarian Italian recipes? The Mediterranean diet is at the heart of the way we cook, so many of the recipes we create are Italian recipes. The recipes you’ll find here are not authentic Italian in a literal sense. Instead, we use the principles of the cuisine to build bold flavors into delicious everyday vegan and vegetarian Italian recipes. 

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Vegetarian Italian Recipes

Vegan Italian Recipes

Though many times Italian cuisine features cheese (hello,Parmesan!), it’s possible to make delicious vegan Italian recipes. These vegan Italian recipes rely on big flavors like garlic, onion, herbs, balsamic vinegar, and the perfect amount of salt.


On our honeymoon 11 years ago, Alex and I went to Italy and fell in love–for a second time. This time, it was with Italian artisan pizza: its supple, blackened crust, sweet tomatoes, and gooey mozzarella cheese. Here are a few of our favorite pizza recipes:


Want to go to Italy?

Italy is where we honeymooned–and we fell in love with the country and food! We go back every few years to have new adventures.
Here are our travel guides for the best of Italy travel. 


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Why Italian recipes? 

It all started with Italy. Eleven years ago we hopped on a plane to honeymoon in Rome, Italy and the Amalfi Coast. We thought we were there to enjoy 2 weeks traveling in Italy, that time has stuck with us to this day. It was the first time we fell in love with food…together!

The artisan pizza with its charred dough and gooey cheese captured our imagination, and silky gelato was a daily habit. It wasn’t until years later that we chose to start eating a Mediterranean diet, but that experience was foundational. In many ways, it’s shaped the way we cook today, with a focus on Mediterranean and Italian recipes. 

Everyday recipes…Italian style

Italian recipes are not part of either of our heritage, but it’s the dominant style of how we like to cook. We adhere mainly to a Mediterranean diet, using lots of fresh and seasonal produce, whole grains, and lots and lots of olive oil! 

Our Italian recipes should not considered traditional or authentic. Instead, we take the concepts and flavors typical in Italian recipes and create them into everyday recipes you can make in your home kitchen. Since we eat mostly plant based, many of them are vegan and vegetarian Italian recipes.

Italian recipes: some of our favorites

It’s hard to choose our favorite Italian recipes, but when someone asks us what our favorite thing to cook is, the answer is: artisan pizza! Over the past 10 years, we’ve perfected the art of making artisan pizza at home. One of our favorite artisan pizza recipes is this Perfect Neapolitan Pizza. And if you’re looking for vegan Italian recipes, we have our Best Vegan Pizza recipe.

In our household, pizza is reserved for special occasions. So some of our favorite easy vegetarian and vegan Italian recipes are pastas and soups: this Vegan Italian Pasta Salad, this Tomato Basil Gnocchi Soup, or this Cacio e Pepe. We invite you to search this list of Italian recipes and find some favorites of your own!