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Wondering how much protein is in a hard boiled egg? One hard boiled egg has 7 grams of protein, and it’s packed with nutrients.

How many calories in a hard boiled egg?

How much protein?

Hard boiled eggs are fantastic for a simple, filling snack or adding to a meal. Though they might not have that reputation, eggs are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. How much protein in a hard boiled egg? One hard boiled egg has 7 grams protein. Eggs are packed with nutrients and only 75 calories each.

Recent research has found that instead of avoiding boiled eggs for cholesterol reasons, eggs actually increase the good cholesterol the body needs. They’re recommended as an affordable and easy-to-eat source of high quality protein. Eggs are especially helpful for vegetarian diets as a natural source of B12.

Pressure cooker hard boiled eggs | Instant Pot hard boiled eggs

How to make perfect hard boiled eggs

Now that you know much protein in a hard boiled egg, here are our favorite ways to make them! We use both a stovetop method and use the Instant Pot (pressure cooker). The Instant Pot is perfect as a hands off method: and it makes the hard boiled eggs very easy to peel! Here are our hard boiled egg methods, and a few more egg resources.

Hard boiled egg recipes

Hard boiled eggs are perfect as a protein filled grab and go snack or morning breakfast. But if you have time, there are lots of creative ways to use hard boiled eggs, from salads to deviled to grilled cheese fillings! Here’s what to do with hard boiled eggs:

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Here are some common questions related to hard boiled eggs! Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below.

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