Easy Recipes for Kids

Recipes for Kids

Our philosophy for feeding kids is simple: all food is kid food! Most of what our toddler Larson eats is what we cook and serve for dinner. That said, some recipes are made especially for kids. Here are our favorite tried and true easy recipes for kids.

Creamy tomato soup with stars is always a hit with kids

The best healthy kid friendly treat around: fro yo dots

These veggie roll ups are easy and loaded with veg


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When our son Larson came along, people began to ask us: “Are you going to share easy recipes for kids?” At first, it confused us because was just eating simple purees. Pureed green beans and spinach was truly not worthy of calling a “kid recipe,” right?

What are recipes for kids?

As Larson got older, “recipes for kids” didn’t get any clearer. Because once he was ready to eat adult food, he ate what we ate. So easy recipes for kids were simply us making dinner and feeding it to him. How could we share recipes for kids if we didn’t really feed him anything other than what we ate? 

To this day, our philosophy is the same: kid recipes are adult recipes. We make dinner and everyone in the family eats it.

But at the same time, we’ve also realized there really is such as thing as “easy recipes for kids”. Kid recipes are snacks and treats that Larson loves so much that we make them on the regular. And turns out, many of them become adult recipes too because they’re so delicious that we sneak them too! Most of them are vegan or vegetarian recipes for kids. And always, they are full of nutrients, heavy on the veggies and lighter on the sugar.

Some favorite vegan & vegetarian recipes for kids

Our froyo dots recipe is a classic example of easy recipes for kids. The yogurt dots take no time at all to whip up, they’re made with organic yogurt, maple syrup, and peanut butter, and Larson thinks they’re the greatest treat known to mankind. He’s a huge of our pecan superfood energy bars. And dipping apples in our pumpkin yogurt fruit dip is his new favorite. 

If you’re looking to feed more veggies to kids, our best advice is to eat a lot of veggies yourself! Include your kids in making and eating healthy dinner recipes, and they’ll become interested too.  And then at the same time, leave space for a little fun and make some recipes for kids especially. Who doesn’t love soup with stars?