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Mix up your side dish routine with roasted broccoli and carrots! This pair has the perfect flavor and color contrast, and they come out tender and browned.

Roasted broccoli and carrots

When it comes to side dishes, we’re always looking to mix things up. So we were happy to stumble upon this idea: Roasted Broccoli and Carrots! The bright green florets border on savory-sweet, and mixed with the sweet orange carrot rounds, the contrast is just perfect. The variation of flavor, texture and shape is just enough to make these roasted vegetables seem like a new innovation. Here’s how to make these tasty veggies: use them as a healthy side dish or part of a grain bowl or main dish salad.

How to make roasted broccoli and carrots: tips!

Broccoli and carrots have different roasting times (see Roasted Broccoli and Roasted Carrots). So how to roast them together? Here’s the trick: if you cut the carrots thin enough, they’ll roast up in the same time as the broccoli. Here’s how to make roasted broccoli and carrots on the same baking sheet:

  • Cook at high heat: 450 degrees! It’s very hot, but it’s what makes veggies perfectly tender on the inside and caramelized on the outside.
  • Chop: Chop the florets into medium-sized florets (more on that below). Peel and slice the carrots into 1/2-inch rounds. Mix with olive oil and kosher salt.
  • Roast 20 to 25 minutes: Roast for 20 to 25 minutes, until tender and browned in parts.
How to make roasted broccoli and carrots

Cut the broccoli into medium florets with long stems!

Here’s one thing to improve your roasted broccoli and carrots: how you cut the florets! Chopping broccoli into very small florets makes them look stubby and a little uninspiring. So we like to leave the stems long. Here’s how to cut broccoli:

  • Cut off the broccoli floret right where its stem meets the larger stalk. This leaves the stem long (instead of making stubby florets).
  • Separate any very large florets. Cut the base of the stem of any large florets in half, then pull the floret apart with your fingers or slice it apart. Try to make the florets as similar in size as possible.
How to cut broccoli

Optional flavoring: garlic & lemon!

Roasted broccoli and carrots are delicious right out of the oven. But we like to add a few flavoring elements to really take them over the top. It’s optional, especially if you’re not a garlic fan. (We know some!) Here’s what we like to do with roasted vegetables:

  • Stir in grated raw garlic. A little goes a long way, so be sparing! Also make sure to mix with your hands to distribute the garlic: it can clump together.
  • Add a spritz of lemon juice! Spritz with a lemon wedge: this amps the flavors up with a little brightness.
Roasted broccoli and carrots

Ways to serve roasted broccoli and carrots

This roasted broccoli and carrots makes an easy side dish for any meal: and it’s so irresistible, you won’t be able to stop eating it! It’s also kid friendly (our 4 year old absolutely adores this one). You can also make it with cauliflower: try Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower! Here are some idea on how to serve it:

This roasted brocccoli and carrots recipe is…

Vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free.

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Roasted broccoli and carrots

Easy Roasted Broccoli and Carrots

  • Author: Sonja Overhiser
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x


Mix up your side dish routine with roasted broccoli and carrots! This pair has the perfect flavor and color contrast, and they come out tender and browned.


  • 1 1/2 pounds fresh broccoli, stem on (about 3 large heads or 6 heaping cups florets)
  • 3 medium carrots
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • ¾ teaspoon kosher salt
  • Fresh ground pepper
  • 1 small garlic clove (optional)
  • 1 lemon wedge (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Chop the broccoli into medium-sized florets, leaving a good amount of the stem for a nice shape (see the photo). Peel the carrots and slice them into 1/2-inch rounds.
  3. Mix the vegetables with the olive oil and the kosher salt. Roast for 20 to 25 minutes, until tender and slightly browned (no need to stir!).
  4. Remove the pan from the oven. If using, grate the garlic onto the pan and add the lemon juice. Use a spoon to gently toss it all together (separating any grated garlic that clumps together). Serve immediately.
  • Category: Side Dish
  • Method: Roasted
  • Cuisine: American
  • Diet: Vegan

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