Pickle Recipes

Pickle Recipes

Looking for pickle recipes? Pickles are actually very simple to make at home, and you don’t even need canning equipment to do it! Refrigerator pickles require no special equipment; our dill pickle recipe is out of this world! Even simpler are quick pickles: our pickled onion recipe is perfect on pizza & tacos.

Our easy refrigerator dill pickle recipe

Use our pickled red onions on pizza, tacos, and even squash

You can use any veggies in these colorful pickles


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Do you like pickles? 

For a while, we were a house divided on this question. Alex grew up loving the tangy brined vegetables. But I (Sonja) had always avoided pickles on a relish tray like the plague. Undoubtedly, pickles have a very strong flavor that can be an acquired taste. After meeting Alex, I started to be more adventurous with my eating and eventually he convinced me to try pickles as a salty snack.

Beyond the dill

Over time, I realized that pickles were more than just a dill pickle. Pickles could be any kind of vegetable: from cucumbers to cauliflower to red pepper to carrots. Quick pickled onions could be a delicious garnish to a taco or pizza or salad. We started making them at home, and ordering them at restaurants. At a gastropub: always order the fancy pickles! And at a Korean restaurant, always try the assorted pickles! Pickles add an acidic tang to foods that makes them infinitely more delicious. (That’s math.)

Refrigerator pickles

The first pickles we started making homemade were refrigerator pickles. What are refrigerator pickles? When I thought of canning pickles, my first thought was that we needed some sort of fancy canning equipment. Wrong! With refrigerator pickles, since they’re not shelf stable you don’t need to worry about disinfecting equipment. Simply heat up some brine, add the veggies, and place them in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Refrigerator pickles last for one month.

Our Refrigerator Dill Pickle Recipe is my favorite of our refrigerator pickles, but these colorful Mixed Vegetable Pickles come in at a close second. 

Quick pickles

So, what are quick pickles? With quick pickles, you don’t even need a jar. Simply slice your veggies and let them sit in the brine liquid. Typically quick pickles take about 1 hour to sit in the pickling liquid. Then you can use them as a garnish for a finished dish! 

Our best quick pickles recipe is our 1 Hour Quick Pickled Red Onions. They’re perfect for topping our Mexican Pizza or our Loaded Quinoa Tacos!

A few of our recipes incorporate quick pickles within the recipe. For example, this Easy Vegan Korean Ramen is topped with quick pickled cucumbers. And our German Cucumber Salad is essentially a pickles recipe! It’s quick pickled cucumbers and onions, perfect as a summertime side dish.