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Don’t have bread or trying to work around a dietary restriction? Here are the best ideas for a bread substitute to use for sandwiches and more.

Bread substitute
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Looking for a bread substitute for your diet? Whether you’re trying to eat low carb or just want to get creative, there are lots of ideas for thinking outside the sandwich. We are bread-lovers over here, but we often like mixing up our sandwich routine with other options. There are also some ideas for sides to serve with soup, and each item below notes gluten free options. Here’s what we use as a bread substitute for sandwiches and more!

Best bread substitute

1. Wraps

A good bread substitute? Wraps! These days there are lots of options for wraps at most grocery stores. While many are made of flour, there are lots of gluten free options. Look for wraps made with almond flour, chickpea flour, cassava flour, tapioca, sweet potato, and more.

2. Lettuce wraps

Another common bread substitute that’s gluten free? Lettuce wraps! Lettuce wraps are perfect for filling with tuna salad or egg salad. They’re also great for any sort of burrito-like, like these black bean lettuce wraps or spicy cashew lettuce wraps. Look for Bibb lettuce for lettuce wraps: the supple leaves are a bit easier to roll than romaine (though that works too).

3. Collard green wraps

Collard greens are another great bread substitute that works as a wrap! Simply remove the tough stem from the collard green leaf and wrap it around the sandwich filling. Try these hummus collard green wraps.

4. Corn tortillas

Another good bread substitute? Tortillas! If you’re going for gluten-free, use corn tortillas. They do have a strong corn flavor, but they will work depending on the sandwich filling.

5. Sweet potato toast

Did you know you can use sweet potato as a bread substitute? This creative idea is called sweet potato toast and works best with an open faced sandwich. Cut sweet potato into thin layers, then pop it into the toaster (or roast it!). It works as an open faced sandwich for any of your filling ideas.

6. Almond flour bread or gluten-free bread

There are lots of gluten free bread options on the market these days, if you’re looking for a substitute for bread that has no gluten. You can also make homemade gluten free breads! Look in your local supermarket, or try a recipe for almond flour bread or a bread with gluten-free flour like gluten-free sandwich bread.

7. Cloud bread

A popular keto bread substitute is called cloud bread! It’s made with egg whites and cream cheese, and after you bake it, it puffs up into what looks like…well, bread! Try making Cloud Bread at home.

8. Flatbread

Another sandwich bread substitute: flatbread! There are many different types of flatbread, like Indian-style naan or flatbreads made with other ingredients. You should be able to find a selection at your local grocery store, including gluten free. Or, you can make homemade gluten free naan or socca, a chickpea-flour based flatbread.

9. Popovers

Popovers aren’t a gluten free bread substitute, but they’re great if you’re simply trying to find any easy side to serve with soup. They’re quick and easy to whip up, and they magically pop up in the pan! Here’s how to make popovers.

10. Cornbread

A final bread substitute? Cornbread! While it doesn’t work for a sandwich, it’s another great side dish idea that’s an alternative to bread. Traditional corn bread is not gluten-free, but there are recipes to fit every diet. Try this Classic Cornbread, Vegan Cornbread, or Gluten Free Cornbread.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!!

  2. Jerry Simotas says:

    Deeply grateful for your brilliant list of gluten substitutes.

  3. Marna C Showalter says:

    I am beginning this journey since my Doctor said I have some memory loss and I need to eliminate some foods and add others that will be beneficial to me. I appreciate any recommendations you have as I begin this new joyrney.

    Thank you,

    Marna Showalter

    1. Sonja Overhiser says:

      Hello there, great question! We’re not doctors or medical professionals, so we’ll have to default to your doctor on this question for specific food recommendations. Thank you so much for asking and good luck with your diet change!

    2. Ray Mading says:

      Add sage to your diet, it improves brain function and helps with memory.

    3. Kristi says:

      Hi Marna,
      I just found out about a great reversing Alzheimer’s diet. Called Bredsens Protocol I believe is how you spell it lol it’s Keto flex 12/3 it removes amyaloid plaques from insulin receptors which is the same plaque found in Alzheimer’s. It’s pretty amazing diet. I hope this helps.