Nourish bowls are a fun, simple way to load up on healthy real food with big flavor. Here are four nourish bowls that are variations on the standard.

This post was created in partnership with ALDI. All opinions are our own.

Eating healthy, real food is top of mind at the top of the year—and for good reason. On our podcast, we recently learned that what we eat contributes roughly 80% to what our bodies look like. In other words, food has a huge influence on how we look and feel. Enter nourish bowls: a fun, simple way to load up on nutrients and real food while going big on taste. You may have seen them floating around the interwebs. Typically, nourish bowls consist of a whole grain, a bunch of veggies (cooked or raw), nuts and seeds, and a flavorful dressing.

Here, we’ve got a few concepts that are variations on the traditional nourish bowl. These four bowl meals are part of a meal plan we developed for a new partner: ALDI! ALDI is committed to carrying better-for-you ingredients and expanding their organic product offerings (high fives, ALDI!). To kick off 2017, they’ve started a Hello, Healthy blog with healthy living resources including recipes, tips, meal plans, videos, and eating guides. From January through March, the blog will feature content created by us, including meal plans and a few custom recipes. ALDI is working to source healthy ingredients that are easy to find and easy on your budget. We’re stoked to be working together and hope you’ll click over and check out their new online resource.

On to the nourish bowls!

Now for the bowls! They’re part of an entire 7-day dinner meal plan over on the Hello, Healthy blog. With a wide range of options from vegetarian to vegan to gluten-free, we hope there’s something for everyone.

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  1. Just discovered your blog. Love the inspirational ideas/recipes. I’m soooo making the falafel bowl! Almost liking the screen :-) Happy Eating and cheers!

  2. Whoa… worlds colliding. ALDI and A Couple Cooks! Love you both so much! I have been a big fan of ALDI for a long time, and of your blog too! The falafel bowl is my next priority. Thanks for working with this great grocery store. The produce there is always super fresh and tons of organics.

  3. Thank you for sharing this information about Aldi’s healthy eating campaign!! I’m definitely going to go to my local store and see what they have in stock – I’m always looking for healthy eating options! :)

  4. I often think that people that haven’t tried Aldi would be surprised at the amazing meals you can make using their ingredients! These all look delicious. I think that Aldi’s produce is getting better (a complaint some have about our local store) and that everyone should at least give their local store a try!