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Here’s how to host a waffle party: perfect idea for hosting a breakfast or a brunch! Each guest gets a waffle to order and adds their favorite toppings.

Waffle Party | A Couple Cooks

This post is one in a series we’re planning to publish on integrating healthy cooking into your lifestyle. Here’s our main thesis: healthy eating should be fun, and easy to incorporate in everyday life. One of the most effective ways we’ve found is cooking with friends as entertainment. Instead of eating fast or frozen food to save time, make brunch as your activity together! Savor the time cooking wholesome food while chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

We were in Denver last weekend to visit the fabulous women behind Oh Ladycakes (Ashlae) and Edible Perspective (Ashley), and who hosted the brunch party that we’re sharing with you today. The waffle recipes were all made with whole grains like buckwheat and oat flour, with plant-based and gluten-free options. Toppings included almond butter and healthy chia jam, both made with natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup. The whole grains and the protein in the nut butter made it an incredibly filling meal. We took our time and relished the slow, sunny morning together. It was…perfect.

Waffles with syrup

A few tips for your own waffle party!

  • Make toppings like homemade almond butter and chia jam in advance, so you can focus on cooking waffles and chatting with guests the day of.
  • Make sure to use real maple syrup for toppings – there is no substitute!
  • If you’re into savory or lower sugar consumption, try the savory waffle recipe below.
  • This menu is great for guests with special diets, with options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Waffle Party menu ideas

Ready to host your own waffle party! Here are some recipe ideas:

Waffle recipes

Waffle topping ideas

waffle iron
Food photography
Waffle Party | A Couple Cooks
Waffle Party | A Couple Cooks

Ashley McLaughlin (Edible Perspective), Sonja, Ashlae Warner (Oh Ladycakes), and Alex behind the camera :)

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  1. Nothing better than getting together and sharing forks with fellow bloggers. Love the tips on how to create your own waffle get together, now I just have to figure out which waffle recipes to start with first.

  2. This looks lovely! I can’t wait to try the buckwheat and carrot cake pancakes. I’m a total sucker for all things carrot cake, and I recently got into buckwheat soba noodles as a filling lunch item. I bet the waffles are also super filling.

  3. we love waffles! Never tried to make them healthy before so keen to try! The carrot cake ones sound amazing but the link is not working! Says page not found!!!

  4. Look at those lovely ladies! This looks like such a fun way to spend the morning together and such a delicious menu. I’m having mega waffle cravings now…

  5. I feel like…did this day really happen? It was so surreal to finally meet and then cook a waffle feast together in my kitchen. It’s also the first time someone else has taken photos in my little photo corner and around my house, and I am in love with them!! It’s so fun seeing someone else’s perspective in the same space. Brunch parties are seriously the best. A morning I will cherish forever! I’m definitely framing that first photo and hanging it in my office. Love you guys + Ash!

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