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How do you find the best gelato in Rome? Here’s how to find the tastiest gelato that will have you coming back again and again.

The best gelato in Rome | Hedera

How do you decide on the best gelato in Rome? The romantic says it’s the ice cream in hand. The sentimentalist says it’s from a centuries old shop. The foodie says it’s from the place with the wackiest flavors. We say: you can’t pick just one–and you shouldn’t! I’ve been on five trips to Rome, and have done my best to sample as many flavors and types of gelato just for you! Here we’ve narrowed it down to three of the best gelaterias in Rome: the shop with the most pure flavors, the classic gelateria, and the best modern gelato shop! We recommend you try them all on your next trip to Rome!

The best gelato in Rome: Pure flavors

First up in our Best Gelato in Rome wins for pure, simple and mind-blowing gelato flavors. Think strawberry that tastes more like a strawberry than an actual strawberry itself! That’s all the gelato flavors at Hedera, a little shop that prides itself on using natural and seasonal ingredients. The gelato is pure and smooth, perfectly executed and extremely high quality. Hedera is in the Borgo neighborhood up near the Vatican, so plan on stopping by after a trip around St. Peter’s Square. It’s also an extremely quaint location that’s camera friendly (see me enjoying some of that tasty pure chocolate gelato below).

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The best gelato in Rome | Hedera

The best gelato in Rome: Classic gelateria

Next up in our Best Gelato in Rome: a sentimental favorite of ours, Gelateria del Teatro. It’s just outside the Piazza Navona, making it easily situated for romantic walks home after dinner. Just make sure to plan your timing accordingly: they’re only open until 11:00 pm! The flavors here are traditional but also inventive: think chocolate red wine, stracciatella with mint, rosemary honey and lemon, ricotta fig and almond. Eleven years ago when we came to Rome for our honeymoon, we came here every night (maybe twice). We were happy to see on return trips that Gelateria del Teatro was still alive and well, and they’d even expanded their storefront!

The best gelato in Rome | Gelateria del teatro

The best gelato in Rome: Modern gelato

The final favorite of our Best Gelato in Rome: Fatamorgana! This gelateria one is the most inventive of all: it has a myriad totally exotic flavors. You’ll find gelato flavors like Kentucky (Chocolate and tobacco), rose petal and violet, and basil and black rice. But along with the inventive flavors there are also the more traditional ones like stracciatella and chocolate hazelnut. The creamy texture is intensely good! Here’s my chocolate tobacco and caramel: the chocolate tobacco had a lightly smoked aftertaste and was so, so good. You’ll find Fatamorgana near the Campo De’ Fiori, and we recommend it as dessert after a perfect lunch at nearby Antico Forno Roscioli. Pro tip: Fatamorgana now has a location in the US in LA too!

The best gelato in Rome | Fatamorgana

These are our recommendations for the best gelato in Rome! We challenge you to walk to all three in a row, it only takes 25 minutes to walk the route and you’ll be glad you did!

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