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Here’s how to make a tea latte just like your favorite coffee shop…in 5 minutes! It’s got the best creamy flavor and frothy foam topping.

Tea latte
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Love tea lattes? Did you know you can make them at home? Yes, you can make a cup of creamy tea with a beautiful foamy, frothy topping: and it’s just as good as your local coffee shop (or better). Want a chai latte instead? We’ve got a recipe for that too. Tea lattes are the perfect cozy warm drink for fall and winter: but they work for anytime, too! Here are all the tricks to making a tea latte at home.

Another variation: Try the London Fog, a tea latte with Earl Gray and lavender!

What is a tea latte?

A tea latte is a drink that’s equal parts tea and steamed milk. It’s a variation on a cafe latte, a latte made with espresso. Just like a cafe latte, a tea latte has a foamy topping of frothed milk. A popular type of tea latte is a chai latte: it has the spices of Indian masala chai. To make make a chai latte, go to Chai Latte or Vanilla Chai Latte.

How to make a tea latte

The best tea to use

You can use any type of strong tea for a tea latte. Typically they’re are made with black tea. There are lots of types of black tea, like English breakfast tea, Darjeeling, Assam or Earl Gray. Use your favorite! Use 1 bag of black tea, or 1 teaspoon loose leaf tea in a tea strainer. You can also make this drink with green tea or matcha.

The best milk for a tea latte

The best type of milk to a tea latte? Whole milk. Why? The milk fat is what helps to make the frothiest foam. The rich, creamy flavor is what you’d expect from the flavor of a coffeehouse tea latte. Don’t want to use whole milk? It’s our first choice here, but there are a few alternative milks.

  • Whole milk (top choice). This makes the best frothy foam and has the richest flavor.
  • 2% milk. 2% also works! Go to the frothing instructions in Chai Latte (but use black tea for the base).
  • Oat milk. Want a vegan variation? Go to the frothing instructions in Vegan Chai Latte.
How to make a tea latte

How to make a tea latte (basic steps!)

Making a tea latte is easy! The part that requires the most technique is frothing the milk. Here are few tips for how to make a tea latte at home and make the best froth:

  • Make the tea. Simply boil the water and seep the tea bag.
  • Use fresh milk! To get the best froth, use fresh milk. If the milk you use has been in the fridge for a while, it’s possible it might not froth.
  • Heat the milk to 150 degrees (scalding). It’s important to heat the milk to just scalding, but not boiling. It’s easiest to measure temperature with a food thermometer, but you can also measure with your finger: it’s ready when it’s hot to the touch and tiny bubbles are starting to form at the edges.
  • Use a French press, hand frother, or whisk. We used our French press to froth the milk and it worked great. You can also use a hand frother (it works great!), or simply vigorously whisk the milk. For the French press, pump for 20 seconds until small, even bubbles form. Go to How to Froth Milk for tips.
  • Pour the tea and milk into the cup. When you pour in the milk, the beautiful, creamy and frothy foam follows!
Tea latte

More tea lattes

This tea latte is straightforward and delicious, topped with fluffy, frothed milk just like at your favorite coffeeshop (or let’s be honest…Starbucks!). It’s a perfect fall drink or winter drink that’s warming and cozy. Once you’ve made this one, here are a few more recipes to try:

  • Chai Latte This latte uses the spices of masala chai! It’s creamy and cozy spiced with the perfect fluffy foam topping.
  • Vanilla Chai Latte Vanilla-scented! This fancy drink tastes like it’s from a coffee shop.
  • Vegan Chai Latte This latte uses oat milk to make a delicious non dairy version of a latte.
  • Dirty Chai Latte The “dirty chai” mixes espresso with tea and has the best warm-spiced flavor.
  • Iced Chai Latte This sweetly refreshing tea latte is made with black tea, cozy spices and milk. Or opt for a coffee-based Iced Latte!

This tea latte recipe is…

Vegetarian and gluten-free.

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Tea latte

Perfect Tea Latte (in 5 Minutes!)

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  • Author: Sonja Overhiser
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 drink 1x
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Here’s how to make a tea latte just like your favorite coffee shop…in 5 minutes! It’s got the best creamy flavor and frothy foam topping. 


  • 4 ounces (½ cup) strong black tea (1 tea bag and ½ cup water)
  • 4 ounces (½ cup) whole milk*
  • ½ tablespoon maple syrup


  1. Make the tea using 1 black tea bag and ½ cup water. Allow to steep for several minutes.
  2. Add the milk and maple syrup to a small saucepan. Heat the milk to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (measure using a thermometer): this is hot with some small bubbles forming around the outside, but not simmering. The exact temperature is helpful for getting the perfect foam (if you don’t have a thermometer you can approximate).
  3. Use a hand frother, whisk, or French press to foam the milk into small, even bubbles. (The French press is our favorite method: Add the scalding milk to the French press and pump using quick, short plunges for 20 seconds until small foamy bubbles occur. Pour into a pitcher and tap it on the counter to break down large bubbles. You’ll get best results with 1 cup of milk for two drinks.) Go to How to Froth Milk if it’s your first time frothing.
  4. Pour the tea into a cup. Gently pour the milk and foam into the center of tea.


*If you’re using the French press frothing method, note that you’ll get best results using 1 cup milk and making 2 drinks. 

  • Category: Drink
  • Method: Stovetop
  • Cuisine: Tea
  • Diet: Vegetarian

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