At A Couple Cooks, we love to travel. The best way we’ve found to inspire our cooking is to get out of our kitchen and into the world! From Rome to the Greek Isles to Alaska to Santa Fe, we’ve had adventures that have inspired some of the best recipes on our table. Here are our travel guides and tips for traveling, packing, and taking fantastic vacation photos along the way.

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How to Plan a Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Packing Tips for Europe | A Couple Cooks

Some of our most formative memories have been travelling. As a couple, we honeymooned in Italy, before we knew a thing about food. This trip so early on in our marriage solidified our spirit of adventuring together. It was on this trip that we tasted artisan pizza in Rome, and it inspired something in us, a desire to recreate it at home. That trip started a 10 year (and counting!) interest in learning to make our own artisan pizza recipes. And it formed a passion for exploring this great world of food and translating it into everyday recipes for your table. 

We’ve been lucky enough to travel throughout the United States, Europe, Central America and Asia to gather inspiration for our recipes. We’ve tasted cool tzatziki yogurt and cucumber dip with chewy pita on the Greek island of Santorini, perfect charred and gooey Neopolitan pizza in Naples, and stunning seafood paella in Spain. And sometimes, places not so far from home inspire our recipes, like this Everything Bagel Pasta inspired by bagels we ate in NYC. 

Travel expands our world. We always return from our trips grateful for the perspective of new countries and peoples.  Travelling can force you to slow down and notice the small things. It can help you reassess alternative paths instead of the same old. If you stay with friends, travel can help you appreciate the incredible gift of hospitality. If you meet locals and seek to understand the culture, travel can endear you to a place like no other. And of course, travel can introduce you to new flavors and customs to bring back to your table. It’s got us hooked, you could say!