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Wondering how to pronounce acai, that deep purple Brazilian berry that’s blended into frosty topping-loaded smoothie bowls?

How to pronounce acai

If you’re not sure how to pronounce acai, as in acai berry, you’re not alone! That deep purple berry from the Amazon is being blended into topping-loaded smoothie bowls at a fever pitch. And it’s not uncommon to be stumped by the pronunciation of this Brazilian word.

How to pronounce acai

Here’s how to say acai without embarrassment when ordering an acai bowl:

  • How to pronounce acai? Ah-sah-EE.

There you have it! If you see the word açaí, it’s the same word in Brazilian: acai is the Americanized version of the word.

Looking for an acai bowl recipe?

Here’s our Homemade Acai Bowl recipe, which has received rave reviews from readers. Take it from one follower on Instagram: “Made your acai bowl recipe for breakfast today and OH MY! I’ve never had one that I’ve enjoyed as much as this. This was so perfectly balanced, and my husband loved it too!”

How to pronounce acai

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