Grilled Cheese Crepes with Chard and Dill


Ahh, crepes. While they can be every bit as elegant as they sound, they’re not too hard to make — and might even be easier than running to the store, if you happen to have a few pantry ingredients on hand!

Dessert might leap to mind first when hearing the word “crepe”, but we love crepes as a savory main course. So after making crepes with Erin from Naturally Ella as part of our Green Mango Cafe cookbook effort, we couldn’t wait to try out her Grilled Cheese Crepe recipe (which we used as a reference for our basic crepes).

Since we had fresh chard and fresh dill in our garden, I experimented with adapting her recipe with said fresh ingredients, plus some sharp cheddar and feta we had in the fridge. After the first taste test, we were hooked!  The dill and feta was a great combination, and the hot melt-y cheese right off the griddle was a perfect match.

They were so good that we decided to make an appetizer version for a party that night. We ended up cutting the crepes in half for easier serving, ending up with little wedges (see the photo above). However, you can easily eat a few of these for a filling lunch or dinner (see the photo below) – with a green salad, it would make for a delicious and, yes, elegant entree.

This treat also made me glad to be growing chard in our garden – it was a tasty addition, and adds some good-for-you nutrients to the dish (to offset the cheese?). You can find it at most groceries or farmer’s markets, or substitute any leafy green, including kale, collard greens, spinach. It also fits nicely into our recent focus on fresh herbs – the dill is integral to the flavor here.

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Grilled Cheese Crepes with Chard and Dill

Makes 8 crepes or 16 appetizer servings
Inspired by Naturally Ella 

What You Need
Ingredients for the crepes
Large bunch chard (or substitute kale, spinach, or collard greens) –  enough for about 6 cups shredded
~¼ cup fresh dill (worth finding fresh dill – the taste wouldn’t be the same without it!)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon garlic powder
¼ teaspoon kosher salt
Fresh ground pepper
~4 ounces sharp cheddar, shredded
~3 ounces feta or queso fresco, crumbled

What To Do

1  Make the crepes.

2   Remove the stems of the chard leaves; chiffonade them into thin strips (to make about 6 cups). Chop the dill (to make about 1/4 cup).

In a medium skillet, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil over medium low heat. Add chard, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, ¼ teaspoon kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper. Saute until just tender and bright green, about 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and stir in the dill. Set aside.

4  Set up an assembly station with a plate, the cooked greens, and the cheddar and feta cheeses. Place a crepe on a plate; then place a small handful greens, cheddar, and feta onto the bottom half of the crepe. Fold the top half of the circle over, then fold the half circle in half again to make ¼ circle. Repeat for all crepes.

5  Using the same pan as for the greens (keep some oil in the pan; if it is gone, add a bit more), return the crepes to the pan and cook a few minutes on each side, until golden brown and the cheese has melted. (You will have to do in a few batches if you make the entire recipe’s worth.)

To serve as an appetizer, cut each 1/4 circle crepe in half to make a wedge, and arrange the wedges on a plate.

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SonjaGrilled Cheese Crepes with Chard and Dill

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  1. Eileen

    That is a really amazing idea! I think I might try to make very small crepes for an appetizer serving–maybe in an 8-inch pan. Or maybe even silver dollar size, if that’s possible with spready crepe batter. Hooray!

    1. Post

      Yes, we did an 8-inch pan and it worked out well. Let us know if the smaller size works out!

  2. Jackie

    Google led me to this recipe and SWOON! This is my dinner for tonight, using my very own homegrown swiss rainbow chard!! Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe.

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