Welcome! We’re Sonja and Alex Overhiser, a writer + photographer husband and wife team. This blog is a project we started in 2010 to document our growing love for food and cooking.

We started this blog as an inspiration that anyone can learn to cook, and that eating whole foods can change your life.

The Food

Learn how to cook — try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun.Julia Child

Our style: simple, seasonal, and nourishing whole foods cooking. A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, and healthy fats, with a little decadence thrown in here and there. Healthy vegetarian recipes are what you’ll see most of, since that’s how we cook and eat at home. We eat about 90% vegetarian, with some fish and well-raised meat for good measure.

Instead of focusing on a single diet or “what not to eat”, we focus on what’s common to most diets: real non-processed food, and all things in moderation.

More on the way we eat…

The Photography

Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Michael Pollan
All photographs are taken by us at our home kitchen /studio, with Alex as photographer and Sonja as stylist and art director. If you look back at older posts, you’ll see a progression in our photographs as we grew artistically, since we didn’t know much about food photography when we started the blog.

Food photography has become a passion, but our goal isn’t just to take beautiful pictures of food. It’s to capture nourishing, whole foods recipes to inspire you to try them yourself.

Our Story

Around 5 years ago, we read a book that challenged the way we thought about food. We stopped eating processed and fast foods and moved towards home cooked, natural whole foods: the ones that are easy to recognize and don’t have long lists of ingredients. Since that time, we’ve seen a huge difference in our health and honestly, our overall happiness. It’s taught us to think about how what we eat affects our bodies, our community, and the world around us.

We’re married and love living in Indianapolis, IN, a fabulous place to love food. During the day, Sonja is Senior Manager and Owner at Avalon Group, a technical documentation firm, where Alex is also Graphics Designer. In our spare time, we co-author and develop this blog, in addition to various other projects.

Other Projects

Cambodia: In 2012, we visited Cambodia and wrote a benefit cookbook for a training program for at-risk women that provides an education in culinary arts. The cookbook is available here. (more on Cambodia…)

Food Advocacy: In Indianapolis, we’re active in partnering with organizations to encourage good eating, such as Indy Winter Farmer’s Market, Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market, Growing Places Indy, and Slow Foods, Indy. We also partner with national organizations like Fair Trade USA.

Kitchen: We recently finished a project to design a new kitchen in summer 2013 – check out kitchen reno pics here.

Healthy + Whole: In 2013, we started the Healthy + Whole project, a series that seeks to inspire healthy living by providing resources on how to cook and eat a whole foods diet, become connected to your community, and care for others around you and the environment.


We’re open to partnerships, appearances, or freelance work if it fits our philosophy and schedule. Please drop us a line.

All of the content on this website, including photographs, recipes and writing, is original content and copyright of Alex and Sonja Overhiser, unless otherwise noted. All content is under copyright and may not be used without permission. Please contact us if you’d like to use our photography or content.

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  1. kari beth

    thank you so much for your blog. i LOVE to cook and bake (bake more than cook, but that is neither here nor there). however, i am a follow-the-recipe-step-by-step kind of chef, if you will. so, i love when i stumble across a blog or site that share recipes of food that i like to cook. easy, simple, and tasteful.

  2. amber

    The two books you mention are my two favorite food books. No wonder I’ve been loving your site so much the last month or so.

  3. Sneh | Cook Republic

    Just followed you guys here via Twitter. You have a beautiful blog, quick healthy recipes with photos to drool over .. you just made my Wednesday a bit more special :-)

  4. Laura

    Just stumbled upon your blog from Annie’s Eats. My family has also started to cut out processed foods from our kitchen and replacing them with whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. Your photos are beautiful and I look forward to reading more!

    1. Alex

      That’s awesome that you are getting rid of processed foods! Pretty soon you’ll completely forget how you ever kept them in the pantry :)

  5. Joanne

    My husband, Adam, and I also work together (at a small engineering firm). We also have joined forces and just love to cook and photograph together, which is how our blog began! It is very cool to see another couple enjoying good food, blogging and photography. Your photos are phenomenal!! So glad to have found you and we wish you the best of luck with your blog and marriage :)

    1. Sonja

      Thank you! It’s so great to hear about another couple that works and cooks together too :) And your blog photos look amazing! Best of luck to you as well!

  6. Natalie

    I have just found your website! I am a college student and am excited to try some new healthy dishes. My housemates and I really love the granola recipe you just posted, it is one of our favorite snacks. Thanks for a great site and great food.

    1. Sonja

      It’s so great to hear that you and your housemates are cooking healthy recipes – keep it up! Thanks for writing!

  7. Kristin

    I absolutely love your blog! Great photography and delicious recipes. Thanks for sharing! Also, I wholeheartedly identify with your approach to eating less meat and less processed foods. Plus, making meals from scratch is just so fun!

  8. Michael

    I recently began reading Michael Pollan and absolutely love his mantra, which you shared…in an effort to help with changing the foods I eat I started looking for good sites for recipes and love what you two have got here! Tried the Mexican Pizza and plan on trying out a lot more of your recipes! Thanks, Alex and Sonja!

    1. Sonja

      That is wonderful to hear! Thank you so much, and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed our recipes!

  9. Spinneys Cauldron

    Hi You Two
    Just to say loving ya blog, love the philosophy .. me too Nature provides us with all we need & more :) .. so exciting the science & healing properties behind all deliciousness ..

    Happy flavour exploring & cooking creativity .. ENJOY

  10. Anita Menon

    You guys have such a beautiful space here. Beautiful photographs and great recipes. I have had a fabulous time browsing through some of your posts

  11. Tiffany

    Just became a follower of your blog. My husband and I just passed our three year anniversary and have also been working together to cook healthier (yet tasty) meals these past 3 years. I love your site and the beautiful photography. I’m sure I’ll be linking to you all on our site shortly. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Preeta

    I read your “About” section and did a double-take, because, really — you guys could be us (me and my husband, that is). We read the same literature (Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals was another influential tome) , took the same decisions, and are trying to eat simply, cutting out meat and fish as much as possible, buying whole grains and local produce, experimenting with simple and easy-to-cook recipes that can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less, at the end of a work day!

    I started putting together my recipes on Tumblr at http://www.thedailyvegetarian.tumblr.com. Hope you will visit. I’ll be sure to keep up with your beautiful blog!

    1. Sonja

      Oh, how encouraging! It’s so great to know of others of a similar mind! Thanks for writing, and we’ll check out your blog! :)

  13. Caryl

    Just found you via Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn, and I about died when I saw you live in Indy! Born and raised Hoosier, graduated from Butler in ’10, but now I’m out on the West Coast in sunny San Diego. I love to cook, but have been looking for simpler recipes with an emphasis on veggies. Can’t wait to try out some of these ideas. Thanks for representing Indy so well!

    1. Sonja

      Oh, how funny! So glad to meet another Hoosier (though I am from Minnesota myself, so don’t consider myself a true one!) :) And we have many Butler grad friends – you are in great company :) So glad to meet you and let us know if you try anything out!

  14. abby

    Just happened upon your site. Can’t wait to try some recipes!! They all look amazing!!! and P.S. you guys are adorable. :)

  15. Devan Peterson

    I just found your site and I am so excited to try things from it! I have been attempting to cut processed food out of my diet but it’s been difficult because my husband hasn’t fully jumped on board yet. I think this is mostly due to the fact that I haven’t been able to find a plethora of simple, delicious recipes. It’s hard for either of us to want to put in two hours of complicated cooking a night after we’ve been busy all day. Your blog is very encouraging! Thanks for doing what you do and being willing to share!!!

    1. Alex

      We are more than happy to help! That’s awesome that you are working on removing processed food from your diet. Hopefully a few of our recipes help convince your husband :)

  16. Shannon

    Wow! I just stumbled upon you via Pinterest. Your recipes look so delicious and easy to make. So many of your ingredients are already in my kitchen! As a vegetarian, it’s hard for me to find practical recipes that do not take me hours to make. Thank you both for your creations!

    1. Post

      So glad you found our site! You are exactly the type of person we hope to inspire and provide recipes. Hopefully you enjoy some of them!

  17. Suzie knows Indy

    Alex and Sonja: So glad to find your blog. – especially that you’re home grown folks right down the street from us. I am a 60’s girl and have come full circle to ‘seek the best fuel’ for my body (and my very willing husband). Our story-We lived on a smal farm, grew, canned, and froze our own veggies, along with raising chickens and goats. We had 3 sons, moved and fell prey to stock our pantry with the wrong foods. For the last 2yrs, I have come full circle on my journey to cook with wholesome unprocessed foods. (love international cuisines) Thanks for your encouragement to your fellow man, your healthy recipes, and your non condemning approaches. “The food we eat comes to us from nature, from living beings and from the cosmos. To touch it with our mindfulness is to show our gratitude” quote by Thich Nhat Hanh.
    Are there any groups that meet in Indy w/common food interest?

    1. Sonja

      Suzie, thank you for such a nice note! We’re excited to hear that you’re back to enjoying unprocessed foods – and that you’re in our neighborhood!

      Actually, I’m not sure of any Indy groups that meet to discuss food – but, we’ve met lots of wonderful people passionate about food at the farmer’s markets! We love the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market downtown – it’s a great place to meet people! The summer markets are great as well – there are lots depending on your area :)

  18. Jema Watts

    Hello from southern Indiana. I was out searching and found your blog via another blog through Pinterest. Looking for low carb recipes, looks like I have found just the place. Beautiful blog by the way.

    1. Post
  19. Tammy D

    So, that is a really nice picture of the two of you. Who took it? (I may already know the answer, and may have spoken to him this evening…)

  20. Kellea

    How do I follow your blog? I LIKED your facebook page already. Is there a subscription? Very cute blog and can’t wait for your cookbook.

    1. Alex

      Thanks! You can click on the green “Mail” icon on the right sidebar to sign up for an email subscription.

  21. Brett

    Awesome blog guys! Great recipes, impressive (and appetizing) photography; truly inspiring. Keep up the awesome work!

  22. Karen

    Greeting from Ireland. I am delighted to have found your blog. My family have been growing our own veggies for years but I was tired of the same old preparation methods. I started searching on-line for inspiration when I discovered your blog. I love your philosophy and your recipes (batch of your granola recipe in the oven as I type). My husband and I have also reduced our meat intake so your recipes will be invaluable to us. Your recipes and photographs have made me very excited about cooking vegetables again (especially our own).

  23. Valentina Hortus

    Hi guys :)
    So happy to see a blog of open minded folks like you. It is really inspiring to read recipes that are wholesome and nourishing in such a relaxed way. Some of your articles are real food for thought and very inspiring.
    That said, blog on! I’ll be passing by here often! :)

    1. Sonja

      Thanks, Wendy – we’re so glad to have you as a reader! Let us know if you try anything out and what you think!

  24. Doug

    What an excellent website. Personally I’m a meatatarian, but also a big fan of whole foods, and farm to table, and you have some great recipes, in a non judgemental environment. I don’t need recipes or ideas for cooking meat or fish, its the veggie dishes, and ideas that I love here. Thanks for doing what you do!

  25. Sarah

    Just read the article about you in today’s Indianapolis Star. I love finding blogs that are local! I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

  26. Anonymous

    I was just on nextbyathena.com and saw the post with your dark chocolate cranberry pistachio clusters. They sound wonderful, so I decided to check out your site. So glad I did! I am looking forward to trying your recipes. I am extra excited to learn you live in Indianapolis, because I do too. Whatever is in season for you, will be in season for me! Thank you for your wonderful ideas and beautiful photographs!

  27. Liz

    This blog looks awesome! I’m curious, you mentioned in your about section that you read a book that changed the way you eat and how you thought about it, what book was it? I’d love to read it myself!

    1. Post
  28. miss : maha

    hello ..
    its a great blog i luv it .. and i like the travel photos at amalfi Italy ..and i want to know what is you photography gear that you use in that trip ..

    best regards ..


  29. Dylan

    Great blog, and love your photography.
    I wish me and my partner looked as happy as you guys when attempting to cook together!

  30. Dana Dunbar

    What a wonderful blog! Thank you for all your efforts in educating folks that eating healthy can be tasty as well as beneficial! My husband and I grew chemical-free heirloom vegetables for Indy area farmers’ markets from 2002-2007. We always had new and interesting recipes to share with our customers to encourage folks to eat more veggies. I think it really made a difference!

    My husband and I just purchased a hydroponic greenhouse just outside of Indy and will be growing a wide variety of greens and herbs all year long. We are hoping to help turn the tide of sourcing locally by having the ability to grow year-round on a larger scale. I will definitely encourage interested foodies to seek out your blog for inspiration!

    1. Post
  31. Myla

    I just came across your blog a couple of months ago when I started to focus more on healthy eating. I love love LOVE your recipes. They are amazingly seasoned and so easy to make!

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