Strawberry Maple Cornbread Cake

Strawberry Maple Cornbread Cake | A Couple Cooks

  After months of preparing life and work for a nearly two week vacation, we successfully journeyed to Greece and Italy and back, …

SonjaStrawberry Maple Cornbread Cake

Almond Cashew Crackers

Almond Cashew Crackers | A Couple Cooks

Do you know John Green? He’s a fabulously talented author who hails from our city of Indianapolis (of which we’re …

SonjaAlmond Cashew Crackers

Triple Berry Raw Brownie Parfait

Triple Berry Raw Brownie Parfait | A Couple Cooks

There are few recipes we make more than once, but raw brownies are one of them. They’re so deliciously fudge-y, it’s …

SonjaTriple Berry Raw Brownie Parfait

Flourless Chocolate Almond Cakes

Flourless Chocolate Almond Cakes | A Couple Cooks

What is it about celebration that calls for a big, sumptuous dessert? When we first started eating a more natural diet, …

SonjaFlourless Chocolate Almond Cakes

Honey Sesame Almonds

Honey Sesame Almonds | A Couple Cooks

Are you a snacker? I am more than I’d like to be. Try as I might, at times my motivation …

SonjaHoney Sesame Almonds

The Best Toasted Oatmeal

The Best Toasted Oatmeal | A Couple Cooks

The other day we received a cookbook in the mail called Whole-Grain Mornings. It’s written by English-teacher turned entrepreneur / …

SonjaThe Best Toasted Oatmeal

Mini Bourbon Apple Pies

Mini Bourbon Apple Pies

Like many of our recipes as of late, these little pies were born of a failed experiment, a sort of …

SonjaMini Bourbon Apple Pies

Margarita Tarts

Margarita Tarts

This dessert doesn’t have much to do with Cambodia, but with Cinco de Mayo approaching, we thought we’d take a …

SonjaMargarita Tarts

Crispy Quinoa Granola

Crispy Quinoa Granola

Just a few days and I’ll be on a plane headed across the world to Cambodia and Laos for 30 very …

SonjaCrispy Quinoa Granola

Apple Almond Quinoa

Apple Almond Quinoa

Here’s a last inspiration from our series on apples. When we picked up some apples from Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market …

SonjaApple Almond Quinoa

Honey Almond Apple Crisps in Jars

Honey Almond Apple Crisps in Jars

Dear readers — thank you. It’s been a joy to hear all your comments on our fair trade giveaway, and …

SonjaHoney Almond Apple Crisps in Jars