Side Dishes & Salad Recipes

Side Dishes & Salad Recipes

What’s a good meal without the supporting sides? Especially for vegetarian or vegan dinners, sides and salad recipes are crucial for adding filling protein and additional nutrients. Here are our favorite salad recipes and side dishes that make complete healthy dinner ideas.

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One of the best skills a home cook can learn is how to put together recipes to make a complete menu. It’s not just about the main dish! Many variables go into pairing recipes together: the colors, textures, ingredients, nutrients, and style of each recipe. 

To pair with our vegetarian and vegan dinner recipes, our go to is a salad! Whether it’s our simple strawberry salad, California salad with avocado oil vinaigrette, or just a throw-together salad with basic homemade dressing, salads are a great way to add nutrients and color to the plate.

Another of favorite vegetarian side dishes is roasted vegetables. Our delicious roasted Brussels sprouts, delicata squash fries with Buffalo sauce, or roasted smashed potatoes are sure to become family favorites. People even say our roasted cauliflower is life changing. We tend to agree!