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Want to eat real food, but not sure where to start? We’ve got 12 reasons that you should start with a dozen eggs at farmers markets near you.

Eggs at farmers market

Want to eat real food, but not sure where to start? We’ve got twelve reasons that say you should start with a visit to your farmer’s market egg vendor. What’s so great about eggs at a farmers market? Keep reading.

Why buy eggs at farmers markets?

There are lots of reasons to buy eggs at farmers markets. While they’re a little bit more expensive, they’re absolutely worth it. Here are a few reasons to buy local eggs:

  • Eggs at farmers markets taste better. Because the chickens are typically allowed to graze and are not factory farmed, the taste is noticeably better.
  • Eggs at farmers markets are healthier. Chickens raised in local farms receive more humane treatment. They’re exposed to sunlight and live a natural life. Studies have found that these eggs have less cholesterol, contain the right kind of fat and have more vitamins than conventional eggs. (Source)
  • Eggs at farmers markets are only marginally more expensive than their industrially-farmed counterparts.
  • Eggs at farmers markets help to stimulate your local economy.

Talk to your local egg vendor

Ask the vendor about their chickens, how they are raised, and what they eat. Maybe even invite yourself for a tour of the farm! The benefits of a relationship with the person who grows your food are tangible: for you, the farmer, and your local economy.

For only a dollar or two more, you can buy incredible local eggs — and who knows, maybe a dozen eggs will lead you into a whole world of locally grown and sustainably-raised foods!

Eggs at farmer's market

If you live in Indianapolis, we highly recommend the eggs from Mandy at Schact Farms. You can find her at the Indy Winter Farmer’s Market and Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market. But get there early, she sells out quick!

Eggs at farmers market

Looking for egg recipes?

Once you get eggs at farmers markets, there are so many delicious ways to use them! Here are some of our favorites:

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  1. Schacht Farms is also one of my regular stops at the Bloomington farmers market. I love their brats, breakfast sausage, ground pork, and really everything else I’ve ever gotten from them!

  2. I used to get eggs from Mandy all the time. I agree – so much better. I am excited to have a new source that results in free eggs! My brother in law has over 40 chickens on his property…my favorite part of visiting them is gathering the eggs each day. This weeks eggs are so pretty we don’t even have to color them for easter!

  3. It really is crazy what a difference it makes to have fresh eggs. I usually pick the ones at the farmer’s market that have a picture on their booth of where their chickens live (which is usually an old bus with lots of nests everywhere).

  4. Oh how I wish we had farm fresh eggs where I live. I have yet to try a fresh from the farm egg, but you have me thinking a trip down to the Denver farmers market is a must! I go through so many, they are my favorite! Eggs for the win!

  5. Mandy was the first vendor at the Broad Ripple and Winter farmers markets who I formed a “farmers market friendship” with thanks to her eggs. In fact, for a long time I just called her The Egg Lady. She’s such a lovely person and her eggs are the best. This year we finally splurged and are even splitting a meat CSA from Schact Farms with some friends (maybe more expensive than meat at the grocery, but, like the eggs, so worth it, and the only kind of meat I cook at home). Eggs really are a great gateway into healthy and local eating, you’re right! And thanks for posting the eggs and asparagus tacos. They look delicious and are on the menu for my next vegetarian taco Tuesday!

    1. Mandy is probably spoiling all of us — most farmers can’t possibly be that nice. Exciting that you are getting a meat CSA too! Hope you enjoy the tacos :)

  6. it makes a whole worlds difference..although i havent talked to the farmer i get it from a farm and have been wanting to do a tour..

  7. I think the quality of eggs you use directly effect the final taste and appearance of the dish. Ice cream made from farmers market eggs compared to store eggs shows BIG difference. While they may be more dear; it gives me peace of mind the chickens are happy. After all they gave us the delicious egg right? They deserve to be happy too.

  8. I freaking love eggs and they definitely take up a huge part of my diet. LOVE this post. I wan to eat everything on that list!

  9. the first time i tried fresh eggs from the farmer’s market, i could not believe how much better they tasted! such a huge difference. i usually keep a dozen of really good eggs on hand for eating by themselves and a dozen less expensive eggs on hand for baking and recipe testing.