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(Annie Marshall of Annie’s Eats)

In this episode: we make dark chocolate bark on the air in our kitchen — a perfect anytime treat that’s a little bit fancy + supremely simple. Then we talk recipes with entertaining queen Annie Marshall from the blog Annie’s Eats, including DIY food projects like bread, tortillas, yogurt, ice cream, and more.

Our recipe of the week: Dark chocolate quinoa bark
Raw brownies are dark chocolatey and wholesome; they’re a hit in our house.

Alex quotes from Michael Pollan’s Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual, which has had a huge influence on our philosophy on food.

We talk recipes with Annie Marshall of Annie’s Eats
Our garlic and rosemary white bean dip was part of her holiday spread
Her go to’s for family dinners: Mexican quinoa & Salmon salad with honey mustard vinaigrette

Our DIY challenge: try one new-to-you homemade recipe:
Flour tortillas or Corn tortillas (Annie’s Eats)
Multigrain artisan no-knead bread (A Couple Cooks)
Light wheat sandwich bread (Annie’s Eats)
Stand mixer pizza dough (A Couple Cooks)
DIY Greek yogurt (Annie’s Eats)
Ricotta cheese (Annie’s Eats)
Waffle cones or sugar cones (Annie’s Eats)
Sweet corn black raspberry ice cream (Annie’s Eats)
Salted butter caramel ice cream (Annie’s Eats)
Salted chocolate pistachio creamy vegan ice cream (A Couple Cooks)
Mocha almond fudge vegan ice cream (A Couple Cooks)


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  1. Hi Annie! This is amazing . This is one of the most delicious recipe (Dark chocolate quinoa bark) I have ever tasted. I have tried it last night . It was awesome and yummy . Big thanks to you for this recipe.

  2. Wow! What an amazing chocolate recipe. Thanks for sharing with us. It is one of my favorite recipe in the world. Looks so dark and tasty! I will try it in my free time. Great recipe blog.