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Minimalism is quite the trend. What does minimalism mean when applied to the kitchen? Here are our top minimalist easy weeknight meals.

Easy weeknight meals

Minimalism is quite the trendy word. And it got us thinking: what does minimalism mean when applied to the kitchen? In our latest podcast, we interview Melissa Coleman of The Faux Martha, graphic designer and self-proclaimed “Minimalist”.

What is minimalist cooking? Melissa explains that to her, minimalism is:

  • Focusing on high-quality ingredients and simple flavoring (sometimes olive oil and kosher salt is all it needs!)
  • Cooking with pantry ingredients and sub-ing in vegetables you have onhand
  • Keeping kitchen gadgets to the bare minimum
  • Keeping the spice drawer tidy (like keeping your favorite 24 spices onhand)
  • Organizing the pantry with bulk ingredients in large, clear jars for easy access

Our interview with Melissa on the A Couple Cooks podcast is below; the show also features tips on designing a meal and inspiration for cleaning out your spice drawer (and don’t forget to listen for the blooper at the end!).

We’ve also included a list of ten healthy, simple minimalist weeknight meals from our website and Melissa’s for inspiration. As a note, we’ve read many articles claiming to have the best lists of weeknight meals that end up sounding completely un-doable; below are the top concepts of recipes we’ve actually successfully used on a weeknight.

Melissa Coleman and Sonja Overhiser | The Faux Martha & A Couple Cooks

Healthy & easy minimalist weeknight meals

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  1. Thank you so much for reaffirming way I’ve always suspected: that simplicity is the key to consistent healthy eating! And being a lover of pasta, rice, eggs and soba, these meals are right up my alley :)

  2. My boyfriend and I are in the midst of re-organizing our kitchen and learning more about minimalism. Definitely will keep the tips mentioned at the beginning in mind (thanks, Melissa!). :) Thanks for providing this list, those soba noodles look amazing!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed listening to your podcast and I especially can’t wait to give this episode a listen.

  4. Can’t wait to listen to this podcast! Thanks for a real list of doable weekday recipes. I can vouch for how quick to make and delicious that lentil artichoke stew is!

  5. This list is great but I have to say, it is not only for weeknights, I will use it for lunch too!
    I always cook recipes inspired by your blog and I always get so many compliments at work about how my lunch food looks good.
    Thank you for your great blog- I love it and now my boyfriend doesn’t have a choice either, and we cook together, yay!
    Happy New Year to you both and greetings from Germany!

    1. Tatite — thank you so much — that means a lot! Glad to hear about you and your boyfriend cooking together – so fun! Thanks for the greetings — right back at you from the US!