At A Couple Cooks, we’re about more than just recipes! We want to help resource your everyday life, whether it’s a practical DIY on how to grow herbs, understanding emotional eating, or how to survive a kitchen reno


We live in a historic 1926 four-square home. Our biggest renovation project was our kitchen! But we’ve been updating and remodeling our entire house. Here are some of the rooms we’ve redesigned and renovated!


What a joy it was to become parents! We’ve learned so much about minimalist baby gear, traveling with toddlers, and how to involve kids in the kitchen after becoming parents a few years ago. Here are all our resources for parents and families!


Get Healthier

We are firm believers that the best diet is no diet at all! Here are some posts about embracing health as a lifestyle, not a chore.


We love a good project! Here are some DIYs you can do at home, including composting, growing herbs, and giving your pantry a makeover.


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