Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes

Gluten-Free Dessert Recipes

When it comes to gluten-free dessert recipes, our preference is naturally gluten-free. Most of our recipes rely on real food ingredients instead of gluten-free flour mixes. That means oat flour and almond flour on the regular—and then of course fruit desserts, ice cream, or flourless chocolate cake!

This strawberry yogurt pie has a faux “graham cracker” crust 

A chocolate chip skillet cookie with a secret

On the lighter side…berries & yogurt whipped cream


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As a newly married couple, we knew nothing about how to cook healthy dinner recipes. Absolutely nothing. We subsisted on frozen meals and fast food. But we decided we wanted to learn to cook together. After over 11 years, we’re still cooking! What hooked us was that over time, we learned the word healthy was not bad. In fact, most of the healthy recipes we cooked together tasted way better than the processed ones we were used to! We started A Couple Cooks to share the healthy dinner recipes we were cooking in our kitchen. Inspired by Michael Pollan’s mantra Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants, we started cooking many vegetarian and vegan recipes. We found eating more vegetables could be creative and tasty at the same time.

What does healthy mean to us?

  • Veggie packed: Our healthy dinner recipes are full of colorful vegetables. Most of our recipes are vegetarian and vegan, with the occasional seafood recipe. 
  • Olive oil and healthy fats: We typically cook with olive oil, and use healthy fats in our cooking. Overall, our style is fresh and Mediterranean.
  • Real food: Processed foods are out! We use as many whole foods as possible in our cooking: meaning food as close to the source as possible with a short ingredients list.