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Is your garbage disposal not working? Here’s how to replace a garbage disposal (using a Home Depot garbage disposal), and it’s easier than you think!

This How to Replace a Garbage Disposal post was created in partnership with The Home Depot. All opinions are our own. 

As cookbook authors and food bloggers, Alex and I cook all the time. And let me tell you, our kitchen takes a beating! Every appliance in our humble abode gets a run for its money—especially the garbage disposal. So we were excited to have the chance to partner with The Home Depot to try out a new Home Depot garbage disposal: the Moen GX disposal. It’s space saving, powerful, relatively quiet, and built so that you can install it yourself! Alex is the DIY man of the house, but since this project boasted being so easy, Alex and I decided to try it together! If your garbage disposal is not working or if you’re in the market for a new one, the Moen GX is a great option.

How to Install a Garbage Disposal...It's Easier Than You Think! | A Couple Cooks

Garbage disposal not working? Try the Moen GX

Before this project, we’ll admit that we didn’t know much about garbage disposals (who does?). Through working with the Moen GX disposal, we learned a few things about what to look for in a new garbage disposal. What’s great about the Moen GX? This garbage disposal is:

  • Space saving. With this disposal, we now have more space under our sink!
  • Powerful yet quiet. The Moen GX has a SoundSHIELD that helps deaden the sound of the powerful motor.
  • Easy to install! Since the power cord comes already installed, we could install it ourselves without having to pay for installation!
  • Covered by a 5 year warranty with in-home service. This one is key and guarantees that maintenance help would be available if we need it.
How to Install a Garbage Disposal...It's Easier Than You Think! | A Couple Cooks

How to replace a garbage disposal

I’m the last person who would think we could figure out how to replace a garbage disposal all on our own! But Alex, my DIY king husband, is always up for a challenge. He roped me into trying this project with him, and I’ll admit: replacing this garbage disposal was actually pretty simple! The key to the simplicity is that the power cord is pre-installed, so there’s no need for hard wiring. Here are the basic steps for how to replace a garbage disposal at home! (These are not exhaustive, so please consult the Instruction Manual from the manufacturer if you’re trying this at home.)

  • Tip: The only thing you’ll need to buy before you start is plumber’s putty! Make sure to get this before installing (we had to make an extra trip to the store).
  • Remove the old disposal.
  • Install the mounting assembly of the new disposal (here’s where you’ll use the putty!). The mounting assembly is that silver part on the top of the black disposal!
  • Attach the disposal to the new mounting assembly.
  • Plug in the new disposal and test it out!
How to Install a Garbage Disposal...It's Easier Than You Think! | A Couple Cooks
How to Install a Garbage Disposal...It's Easier Than You Think! | A Couple Cooks

This Home Depot garbage disposal project was one for the whole family. In about 1 hour, we installed our new garbage disposal and freed up valuable space under our sink. Even Larson lent a hand! (OK not really, he was napping for most of this but showed up at the end to make an appearance.) We’ve enjoyed using the Moen GX so far; it performs well with the multitude of food scraps we feed it, and is relatively quiet to boot! If you’re considering trying a new garbage disposal, we’d recommend this one—especially if you’re up for a DIY project!

How to Install a Garbage Disposal...It's Easier Than You Think! | A Couple Cooks

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