Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

Looking for healthy ways to start the day? In our breakfast and brunch recipes, we focus on nutrient-dense, delicious ways to power your morning. Instead of breakfasts loaded with sugar, our mornings feature oats, nut butters, eggs, and natural sweeteners like fruit and maple syrup. 

A Few Favorite Breakfasts


For us, weekdays are about simple vegetarian and vegan breakfasts. Honestly, we’re not huge breakfast people! Typically, it starts with coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Most often, we opt for simple breakfasts like toast with almond butter or avocado toast. For our toddler Larson, we make a big batch of Instant Pot oatmeal that he eats off of all week. Other mornings we whip up our favorite chewy toasted oatmeal or a glowing green smoothie.

But mostly, weekends are when our breakfast game really shines. That’s when we have time to make things like our pumpkin pecan steel cut oats, or scrambled eggs with goat cheese. If we have a special visitor, we might opt for our chocolate brownie pancakes made with nutrient-packed spelt flour. But typically, we like to keep things on the savory side, so we don’t start the day with a bolus of sugar. 

When it comes to entertaining, brunch can be one of the more special meals to host, especially for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. We love curating vegetarian and vegan brunch menus, like pairing this savory chard quiche with almond crust with our turmeric blueberry muffins and stunning rosy strawberry smoothies.

Above all, we prioritize healthy breakfast recipes that are nutrient and protein packed, to keep you satisfied and energized all morning long.