Appetizers & Healthy Snack Recipes

Appetizers & Healthy Snack Recipes

Sometimes small bites are in order! Whether it’s an appetizer to bring to a party or a snack to tide you over between meals, we’ve got you covered! All of our appetizers and healthy snacks are vegetarian and vegan, using real food ingredients without processed shortcuts.

Popular Healthy Snack Recipes


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Looking for healthy snack recipes?

Healthy snacks between meals are key to a healthy lifestyle. For us most of the time it’s something super simple: a handful of almonds and dried cherries, veggies and hummus, or crackers and a high quality cheese.

But with just a little thinking ahead, you can make homemade healthy snacks that last all week long: like energy bars, fro yo dots, and crispy chickpeas.

And a few best party snacks!

Snacks for entertaining are a bit of a different matter. Appetizers call for a little more sophistication, but can be just as vegetable filled and simple and to make.

Our loaded sweet potato rounds or grilled cheese dippers with marinara are perfect for a game day party table. Or, start a cozy intimate dinner with our baked goat cheese or our famous tomato almond dip or very verde dip