Cook for Health September!

Cook for Health September | A Couple Cooks

The other day I had an idea, in the shower of all places. (It’s actually a great place for brainstorming.) …


FarmCity: A Documentary


We are so excited to bring you today’s post. For the past year, our dear friend J.D. has been working on …


Real Food Tips: Grow Herbs


Today’s tip is short and savory: grow your own herbs! This is our annual reminder for you to check out your …


Real Food Tips: Use Kosher Salt

Real Food Tips: Use Kosher Salt | A Couple Cooks

Ever wonder why many recipes call for kosher salt instead of table salt? When we first started cooking, we assumed …


Real Food Tips: A Dozen Eggs

A Couple Cooks | Eggs

Want to eat real food, but don’t know where to start? I’ve got twelve reasons that say you should start …


Q & A: Dudes in the Kitchen

Alex | A Couple Cooks

Let’s face it: there are lots of female perspectives on food and cooking out there on the interwebs. The majority …