Lemon Gelato

Lemon Gelato | A Couple Cooks

Gelato is an essential part of a trip to Italy, at least the trips we take. This fluffy, Italian-style ice cream is so …

SonjaLemon Gelato

The Best Peach Pie

The Best Peach Pie | A Couple Cooks

  We’re thrilled to bring you this special family pie recipe from my mom, Kristi. I grew up adoring this …

SonjaThe Best Peach Pie

How to Make Pie Crust

How to Make Pie Dough | A Couple Cooks

  Have you made pie? This might sound silly coming from a born-and-raised Midwesterner, but I’m relatively new to pie-making. …

SonjaHow to Make Pie Crust

Cherry Buttermilk Clafoutis

Cherry Buttermilk Clafoutis | A Couple Cooks via Vibrant Food

This recipe is extra sweet for a few reasons, as it features: 1. our first fresh cherry recipe (except for this …

SonjaCherry Buttermilk Clafoutis

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse (4 Ingredients)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse (4 Ingredients) | A Couple Cooks

Some recipes over-promise and under-deliver. As in, “only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes makes this gluten-free sugar-free, fill-in-the-blank free treat!“. …

SonjaChocolate Peanut Butter Mousse (4 Ingredients)

Mint Chocolate Brownie Bites

Mint Chocolate Brownie Bites | A Couple Cooks

Thank you so much to each one of you who left a kind comment on our last post, sent an …

SonjaMint Chocolate Brownie Bites

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cranberry Clusters

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cranberry Clusters | A Couple Cooks

We like to think of chocolate as a natural food, which I think qualifies these little clusters as a “whole …

SonjaDark Chocolate Pistachio Cranberry Clusters

Mini Bourbon Apple Pies

Mini Bourbon Apple Pies

Like many of our recipes as of late, these little pies were born of a failed experiment, a sort of …

SonjaMini Bourbon Apple Pies

Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry Cobbler

If you work in software development like we do, you probably know the phrase “failing gracefully”. A software application fails …

SonjaBlueberry Cobbler