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Last night, we heard a woman speak named Somaly Mam. If you don’t know her, she is an Cambodian activist and survivor of the sex trade. She has an amazing foundation in Cambodia and memoir, and is doing wonderful work speaking out against injustice and care for the affected.

One thing that stuck out to us from her speech was her answer to the question, “What can we in America do?” Part of her answer (paraphrased since we had a little trouble understanding her!) was “be grateful”. Be grateful to live in America, where, though trafficking still exists, law enforcement is equipped to solve crises. Be grateful to live in a country that, while it has problems, does not have the problems of a developing nation, and hasn’t been ruled by a cruel regime like the Khmer Rouge.

What powerful words. Lately, Alex and I have been on a campaign of gratitude in our lives as well. Even just in the small things. We’ve committed to a “no complaining” rule — about people, situations, our lives, and so forth. It’s amazing how banning talk from a sense of entitlement encourages a sense of gratitude each day.

Another thing we’ve been grateful for is all of you – wow. We are blown away by your response to this benefit cookbook. Thank you so much for all the incredibly nice things you’ve said, buying the book, and spreading the word.

A few more notes of gratitude below. Have a wonderful weekend.

A huge thank you to:
The Fig Tree for her cookbook giveaway! (A few hours left to enter)
Annie’s Eats for her cookbook giveaway! (A few hours left to enter)
New South Food Company for their cookbook giveaway!
Naturally Ella for her cookbook giveaway — NEW (enter until October 25)!
YOU all for your amazing comments and support.

Other notes:
Thank you to The Village Experience, a wonderful fair trade store here in Indy, for being the first store to carry our book! They also were behind the event to bring Somaly Mam to Indy last night.

We have a book signing event next Saturday, October 27 at Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market from 9:00-11:00 am if you’re local.

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