Authentic Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt Cucumber Dip)

Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt Cucumber Dip) | A Couple Cooks

We just returned from Greece and we’ve been working to recreate some of the fabulous eats we had there. If you’ve …

SonjaAuthentic Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt Cucumber Dip)

Rhubarb Chia Jam

Rhubarb Chia Jam | A Couple Cooks

Bright pink rhubarb immediately caught our eye when we visited a new-to-us farmer’s market this weekend (hey, Binford Market!). May …

SonjaRhubarb Chia Jam

Healthy Green Goddess Dressing

Healthy Green Goddess Dressing | A Couple Cooks

Our inspiration to eat the way we do now was a book called Food Matters by Mark Bittman. In the …

SonjaHealthy Green Goddess Dressing

Chimichurri (Ramp or Classic)


I ran by the farmer’s market this weekend (which couldn’t be any more different than the Southeast Asian markets from …

SonjaChimichurri (Ramp or Classic)

Cucumber and Yogurt Dill Sauce (Tzatziki)


We love cooking in the Mediterranean style, especially Italian and Greek. If you’ve eaten much Greek food, you’ve likely encountered an …

SonjaCucumber and Yogurt Dill Sauce (Tzatziki)

Fresh Tomatillo Salsa


Before we started getting interested in Latin cooking, the word “tomatillo” would have fallen on deaf ears. A few years …

SonjaFresh Tomatillo Salsa