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Cambodia: How We Are Doing

Thank you all for your kind words and interest in our Cambodia series. We know that since this is a food blog, you’re probably mainly looking for inspiration in the kitchen. However, we’ve been overwhelmed at your support for this issue!

In some ways, it’s been difficult to write about things so intensely sober and personal. I actually cried my way through writing The Daughters Project post, something I hadn’t ever done before on this blog (our recipes never made me quite so emotional!).

It’s also hard to put things out there and not know how readers might be reacting (or if they are even reading). I have newfound respect for those who do this on a regular basis, and am truly grateful to everyone who has voiced their support.

Since we’ve been back, it’s been a hard emotional transition. Not only have we been jet-lagged, we’ve been struggling with seeing some of the realities of injustice in the world firsthand – poverty, human trafficking, the Khmer Rouge, the Vietnam War.

I’ve been through a gamut of tears and emotions. (Alex hasn’t shown quite as many tears, but I’ve been glad to learn that these tend to be fairly gender-typical reactions.)

On the other hand, we’ve been starting to see lots of tangible ways to give back, which is exciting and encouraging!  More on that…


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