Watermelon Gazpacho

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Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon Gazpacho

Happy Monday! We’re excited to share a guest post today over at one of our favorite style + lifestyle blogs, A House in the Hills. Head over to Sarah’s beautiful space for the recipe for this watermelon gazpacho – a delicious cold soup to keep you cool during the summer heat!

We spend this weekend painting and doing construction work at our new home. We’ll be moving next weekend and can’t wait to officially get into the new place. We’re also very excited to share our kitchen reno progress with you sometime soon!

And, stay tuned for another recipe tomorrow to celebrate a special day…

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  1. Kasey

    What a beauty! I’ve made watermelon gazpacho a few times before and your version is a great reminder to try it again soon :) Hope the move is going well! xo

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