Announcing…Back to the Green Mango Cafe!

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Nearly one year has passed since we traveled to Cambodia to write the Green Mango Cafe benefit cookbook and spend time with the young women at the cooking school there. One year later, we’re excited to announce that I (Sonja) will be returning in mid-March!

In Cambodia

I’ll be travelling to the Green Mango Cafe and spending time with the new class of young women who started this July on their 2-year program at the Culinary Training Center. (The restaurant and adjoining Culinary Training Center provide vocational training and education for at-risk women in Cambodia.) I’ll be teaching a few of our recipes from A Couple Cooks, some English, and even a seminar on composting / recycling. I’ll also get to judge a cooking competition, do some food photography, and shoot some videos for CGI, the organization that runs the program.

 The Why

Our trip last year originated when we started learning about sex trafficking / slavery and were looking for a way to give back. The Green Mango Cafe and attached Culinary Training Center, which seek to empower and grow at-risk women in Cambodia, were a perfect way to volunteer our passion for food and photography with a cause that we care about. This resulted in a cookbook that went on sale in October.

Trafficking / slavery is a very difficult one to speak about, and the last trip was very hard for us as we learned more about the realities of the issue. In some ways, it would be easier to not talk about it. However, after recently watching the documentary Half the Sky, we’re reminded again of how important it is to raise awareness. As part of my trip, I hope to share a bit about these issues with you, but also use this opportunity to focus on the positive parts of the story — one organization among many around the world that are seeking to help.

Cookbook Discount!

To coincide with this trip, CGI will be offering the cookbook at a reduced price— $15.00! You can use coupon code MangoMadness when you order (click here to order).

Stay In Touch

I’ll travel to Cambodia in just over a week. I’ll be our A Couple Cooks delegate this time, and Alex will be holding down the fort in Indianapolis. At the end of the trip, I’ll be heading to Laos briefly to visit my sister, who is currently living there. I look forward to sharing the experience with all of you through the blog, Instagram, and Facebook!

18 Comments on “Announcing…Back to the Green Mango Cafe!”

  1. Ashley

    This is extremely exciting!! Wishing you all the best + very safe travels. You two are doing amazing things! Finallyyyy getting a copy of this cookbook and cannot wait to see it!

    1. Sonja

      Thank you so much, Ashley! Your support means so much to us — thank you so much for getting the cookbook!

  2. Rachel Louise

    Have a fantastic trip! And I highly recommend meeting up with the Somaly Mam Foundation ( – my visit with them when I was in Cambodia changed my life!

    1. Sonja

      Yes, Somaly Mam is an amazing and inspiring woman. We are huge fans. What did you do at her foundation when you were there?

    1. Sonja

      Thank you, Courtney! Your support of our trips and the work you are doing with women in Afghanistan is encouraging and inspiring! Thank you so much.

  3. Rebecca

    Hi Sonja – we connected briefly on Instagram. I live in Cambodia. I just downloaded the cookbook and hope to one day host a dinner party using the cookbook to raise money for GMC! Didn’t realize GMC was connected to Daughters…I shop there for gifts all the time!

    1. Sonja

      Hi Rebecca! That would be amazing if you hosted a dinner party to raise money for Green Mango! Keep us posted on that :)) And as we spoke a bit offline, Green Mango is associated with CGIDaughters, which is a separate program run by Center for Global Impact (not affiliated with Daughters of Cambodia). It was SUCH fun to get to meet you in person in Cambodia! What a small world it is.

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