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Do you have a garden? Each year, we get increasing joy out of growing things. In our spring garden this year, we have herbs, peas, radishes, lettuces, spinach, and kale, all starting to make an appearance.

We had a rainy weekend last weekend, and Alex disappeared for a bit. He came back with this video. I’m continually amazed at my husband – and this was one of those times!  I love the way he captured the wistfulness of the rain and the new growth.

So, here are our pea shoots and lettuces in action – and the April showers have paid off!  They’re already sizably larger since this video was shot.

Look for more recipes to come with spring and garden produce too!

12 Comments on “Video: April Showers”

    1. Alex

      Thank you! Sonja is from MN, so we know how unfairly short your growing season is! Good luck with the rabbits :)

  1. Adrienne @ Boysenberries

    I too have become very into my garden….it is all perennials right now but I am hoping to get a few tomato plants in this year. I get so excited when I start to see those first shoots poking through the dirt.

  2. Courtney Jones

    Awe, I love this! :) What a beautiful video. I adore the sound of rain.

    I’m very excited to plant my garden this spring! We cannot start planting until about mid-May due to the climate here. I’ve been planning up a storm though and cannot wait to dig into the soil and start growing beautiful little plants :)

    Do you have any suggestions on really hearty plants for first-time gardeners?

    1. Alex

      Radishes grow really quickly when is still pretty cold out – so they are great to start with! Green beans are easy to grow and very satisfying. Swiss chard always grows really well for us too.

  3. Lisa in Indy

    Hi, Sonja and Alex ~

    Wonderful. Sweet and charming. Love the music and the rain. Thank you, Alex.

    We had fresh kale tonite for dinner from our garden. It appeared again from last year! Add some garlic and EVOO – yum. You can’t beat fresh!

    1. Alex

      You gotta love mild winters! We didn’t have many greens make it, but our perennial herbs sprang into life in early March!

  4. Rick

    absolutely love the quality of your videos, Alex. You do a very nice job making films. Will you share which camera you use? a DSLR maybe? how about the music…where do you find it? again, love your choices for music background. are you involved with craftedspoon?


    P.S. garden looks great too!


    1. Alex

      Thanks! We have a Canon 7D, which we use for the photos and the videos. I really enjoy playing with video on the DSLR, the results end up way more professional than my skill set! The music for this video came from the Vimeo music store. We’ve shot two videos with Craftedspoon (they did the shooting and editing): Loaded Sweet Potatoes and Italian White Bean Soup. I tried to glean as much info as I can from them! I hope to keep experimenting with more videos (maybe similar to our Pizza Dough vid). Thanks for the comment!

  5. Rick

    thanks, Alex. i watched both videos craftedspoon shot. they do a really nice job. I met one of the guys at an event at Big Car’s community service center by my store. I have a Canon T2i but need more practice with manual mode. You definitely got a nice camera and doing a good job with the videos. music is great too. thanks for the info!

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