New Blog Partner: Center for Global Impact!

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We had an amazing time in Cambodia with Center for Global Impact (CGI), and were so encouraged to see the way programs like the Green Mango Café and the Daughters Project are helping women and girls to have a brighter future.

We were so encouraged that we decided to make CGI a new partner for A Couple Cooks!

This means that every time you click a page on A Couple Cooks, we will donate the ad revenue to CGI for these programs!  CGI will join International Justice Mission (IJM) as an organization that receives the money from this blog.

(While this all sounds very official, it just means that once we receive revenue from the ads, we make it as a donation to these organizations.)

Thanks again to CGI and their work in Cambodia!

3 Comments on “New Blog Partner: Center for Global Impact!”

  1. Viviana Rodriguez

    How awesome! My best friend and I are creating a foodblog. We always knew we wanted a ministry and community service component in our project! You guys have INSPIRED US! You have given us the confirmation that being true to ourselves, our calling and our hearts is the only way to go! You as well as the girls and these awesome projects will be in our prayers!

    1. Sonja

      Wow, this is so encouraging to hear! Thank you so much for writing — you don’t know how much it means to hear this! All the best on your project — please keep us in the loop on how it goes. And many thanks for your prayers!

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